Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Has Cross-Platform Saves

Have Diablo III on PS3 or Xbox 360 and want to continue your character on a next-gen console? No problem.

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nope111670d ago

That's really awesome. More games needs to do that.

guitarded77670d ago

It usually means a shared trophy/achievement set though. I like to re-earn trophies/achievements if I'm gonna play the game again.

Palitera670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

I prefer no cross save. PS3, PC and X360 games are filled with modded/hacked/cheated stuff, so I'd prefer a clean version for a change.

I like the MP aspect of these games, the trading of rare/valuable items. Well, it won't exist in Diablo, not in a fair way at least.

Bigpappy670d ago

not a bad idea, but I am not buying the same game twice.

gamer7804670d ago

Will this work for ps4 and Xbox one I wonder?

ShadowKingx670d ago

according to the article it will.

gamer7804669d ago

Yah that's the impression I got as well. Might have friends on both consoles so would be nice

gamer7804669d ago

apparently the article is wrong, according to destructiod anyways.

it works only from older consoles to the newer ones, here is a link to the article :(

guess i'll just have to have different characters on each console.

turdburgler1080670d ago

Sweet that means my ps3 account will work on my Xbox one! Thanx blizzard.

STK026670d ago

For a very short instant I got my hopes up for cross save between PC and consoles, and that didn't last very long.

I already played D3 and its expansion on PC, but a few friends of mine are thinking about picking it up on PS4, cross save would have convinced me to re-buy the game.

CorndogBurglar670d ago

I'm starting over with the new Crusader class, and since that class wasn't in the 360 version that means that I won't have any gear for him in my stash. So this doesn't really effect me one way or the other.

However, its still a great feature and definitely deserves to be praised.

Blizzard has really kickstarted themselves ever since they put Diablo 3 on consoles. They've really turned it around. Its like they finally remembered how to make fans happy.

Now...if they would only make Warcraft 4......

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