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Podcast Beyond Episode 353: Could The Last Of Us Be GOTY Again?

IGN: The Internet's No. 1 PlayStation podcast has the scoop on The Last of Us: Remastered's shot at the industry's greatest award. Plus, Greg, Colin, and Meghan answer your Joel/Ellie questions, help a kid thinking of selling his PS4, and talk about Comic-Con 2014. (PS4, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Remastered)

Uncle_Buck   220d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
cfc78  +   220d ago
Totally awesome game but GOTY? wouldn't say much for the rest of the games in 2014 if it did but hell if it is the best this year has to offer then why not.
DirtyPimp  +   220d ago
umm yea
DigitalRaptor  +   220d ago
It's already the best next-gen game by way of reviews. Unless something comes along that is substantially better (unlikely) it may as well deserve to be.

The hype for it is legit cause people know its quality either first-hand or from those who have told them of how amazing it is. To those who are playing it for the first-time like we did on PS3 last year, we considered it our GOTY then, so why can people not nominate it as their GOTY for this year too?
miyamoto  +   220d ago
It is still the same great most awarded game ever made just on another platform.
Dannycr  +   219d ago
It will be 100% unfair. This is not a new release. It's a re-release. It would be like Master Chief collection winning Game Of The Year or Ocarina Of Time 3D winning GOTY.

Game Of The Year category applies only to new releases.
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Sharius  +   219d ago
if dark soul PC can be consider a GOTY so does TLOU

new feature, new platform
Dannycr  +   219d ago
Thing is.. Dark Souls shouldn't have been considered. It's still unfair and stupid.

New Features or Platform is not a valid argument. Then lets give GOTY to Super Metroid on WiiU or maybe A Link To The Past on WiiU.
Lannister  +   219d ago
Would it be better to give GOTY to less deserving titles just because TLOU already came out last year ?

If it's the best there is at the moment then it's the best there is, simple.
Dannycr  +   219d ago
Then lets give GOTY to Super Metroid on WiiU or maybe A Link To The Past on WiiU.

A re-release does not qualify for GOTY. Is that simple. That would be like Oscars giving away awards to 3D re-releases like Titanic.
BitbyDeath  +   219d ago
Seems like it'll be down to either this or Destiny.
It wasn't worthy of game of the year last year and it's no this year either. The game is overrated and mediocre.
George Sears  +   219d ago
The irony with what you said and your username is cunning. (Less of the overrated, but more so for the mediocrity)'

On topic, IMO The Last of Us deserved all the praise and awards it got when it first released on the PS3 originally. With that said, it wouldn't be fair for other games to be competing yet again with a game that came out last year.

I believe it can still win awards, even awards that could had been given to those of this year; but to receive yet again the title of Game of the Year, would be unfair. IMO it shouldn't be nominated at least for that prestigious title.
ufo8mycat   219d ago | Personal attack | show
Kevlar009  +   219d ago
Just because Mario Galaxy was the best game of its year and one of the best of the generation doesn't mean I want to see it released every year and win tons of awards again.

GOTY is meant to celebrate a crowning achievement in the game industry for a specific year. TLoU was 2013's crowning achievement, not 2014. One could play it on the PS3 and not the PS4 and not feel like they are missing out on the better game.

Sure it's still a great game, but we should be rewarding never before seen experiences, not definitive editions.
Bathyj  +   219d ago
Is that even allowed?
Tedakin  +   219d ago
Not twice in a row. That's silly. It'd be like letting 12 Years a Slave win best picture at the Oscars again because they re-released it in theaters with an additional scene added.
MasterCornholio  +   219d ago
"Not twice in a row."

Neither should the MCC collection even though no Halo game in it was released last year. I know you said "twice in a row" to make an exception for the Master Chief collection but the truth is Halo and The Last of Us already have tons of GOTY awards and they should be given any more due to a rerelease. However they are still fantastic games though.
Tedakin  +   219d ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Can you please tell me where I mentioned the Halo MCC? Because I'm pretty sure you just completely made up a scenario in your head. I don't think any game should be able to win Game of the Year more than once in any year, 10 years apart or 2. And let me guess... I'm an XBOT because I don't think TLOU should be GOTY again right? I own the damn game.
MasterCornholio  +   219d ago
You are a well known Xbox fan and you do have a history of praising the Masterchief Collection. Which is why I assumed you were making a reference to the MCC when you said this
"Not twice in a row.".

No Halo game in that collection was released that hear so I thought you said that to make an exception for the MCC which is what a lot of Xbox Fans have been doing lately. I personally don't believe that any collection or remake should win GOTY.

"I'm an XBOT because I don't think TLOU should be GOTY again right? I own the damn game."

First of all its Xbox fan not Xbot. Xbot is a very demeaning term for Xbox fan. Your not an Xbox fan because you don't want The Last of Us to win GOTY your an Xbox fan because you like Xbox a lot and that's evident from your comment history. From the same history we can see that you support the system heavily however you don't support the PS4 at all. Sometimes you end up acting like a fanboy and bash the PS4 for no good reason. And as for owning the game I don't think you like playstation enough to own an actual Playstation console.
Vantage  +   219d ago
No, I won't take seriously anyone who thinks The Last of Us can be Game of the Year in any year but 2013.
goldwyncq  +   219d ago
No. The game belongs in 2013.
Fastandslow  +   219d ago
What Hacks

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