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Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Delayed to 2016

Last week, Battlefield: Hardline was delayed to the first quarter of 2015. This decision showcases Electronic Art’s dedication to releasing quality over quantity; however, this affects other titles that are currently in development at DICE Studios.

Indeed, Hardline may delay our chance of jumping into X-Wings, and exploring a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Battlefront. (PC, PS4, Star Wars Battlefront, Xbox One)

cfc78  +   212d ago
Hardly a surprise if it's true but i do agree with quality over quantity you only have to look at Naughty Dog to realise its the right way to go.
PhantomT1412  +   212d ago
Or Battlefield 4 for the wrong way...
3-4-5  +   212d ago
DICE - Stop making Hardline, and focus on Star Wars.

You CAN'T screw up starwars...Those fans will destroy you with the force...lol
pandehz  +   212d ago
So basically 2 yrs of Activision ownage?
KAEM7  +   212d ago

ownage with Destiny ;)
venom06  +   212d ago
who cares... as long as the game is good..
stavrami-mk2  +   212d ago
Well that's pissed me off not had the pleasure of a battlefront game for so long my withdrawal is kicking in
bumnut  +   212d ago
As a Star Wars fan I agree, as a day 1 BF4 customer....... give them all the time they need.
skulz7  +   212d ago
I don't see it getting released any time soon. They know how many fans want this game to be epic. The Battlefront games have been awesome, I would rather them make the game properly then rush it out.
Panthers  +   212d ago
Well I just hope this shows that EA has learned from Battlefield 4. Dont release a game that is not ready.
Enyxodin  +   212d ago
This is getting ridiculous! If it will be out in 2016 it means that it will be released 3 whole yrs from being announced. Why announce a game when the development of that game just started?
tigertron  +   212d ago
I understand your frustration, I know I'm annoyed with the constant delay announcements, but I'd much rather have a delayed game than have a rushed game.

EA seems to have learnt that big AAA games cannot be made in two years without sacrifices to quality.
Enyxodin  +   212d ago
Yes I agree but I dont think you understood what I meant, they should announce a game when they already come a lobg way in the development process so the game will not be rushed :)
tigertron  +   212d ago
I know what you meant, and it sucks that they announce things so early and then we have to wait like Square-Enix did in 2006 with Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV.
KAEM7  +   212d ago
it's far from ridiculous. A (at least) three year dev cycle is to be expected for a AAA game this gen. I understand what you are syaing that having to wait so long from the annoucement is too long. But we all do like to know what studios are working on. So I think we just have to get used to this new situation. From announcement to release will often be 3 years. Whatever they annouce as the next release date in 2016 they might not even make that. I predict fall 2016.
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mep69  +   212d ago
We haven't even seen any gameplay footage yet.
MSBAUSTX  +   212d ago
The problem with delaying it more and more is that people have the potential to move on. Look at the last Duke Nukem game. That game proves that really long delays, such as this, do not always mean the game will be great. They better not screw up Battlefront the way Duke Nukem was screwed over.
BattleReach  +   212d ago
I can live with that. There are too many games coming in 2015 ;)
Perjoss  +   212d ago
I can wait. As long as it turns out in a way that pleases fans of the series that is.
tdogchristy90  +   212d ago
So if battlefront is 2016, what about Mirrors Edge?
Letthewookiewin  +   212d ago
Honestly if they released it in 2015 I would be concerned. 2016 is better, i just feel that 2015 would be rushed they just recived rights to it.
ATi_Elite  +   212d ago
Good I want tip top quality and only made for XB1 PS4 and PC with the PC version having all the features PCGamers expect.

Sick of multiplats being rushed out the door full of bugs and half arse gameplay so a delay is fine with me
SpinalRemains138  +   212d ago
Been a decade already.

Just keep the game true and excellent.
KNWS  +   212d ago
This is not a confirmation of anything, just speculation the release of Battlefield Hardline may delay Battlefront.

This a game i'm really looking forward to so if they need to delay it to make it outstanding do it.
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medman  +   212d ago
Just make a great game. If it comes out in 2015 and it's garbage, that benefits nobody. If 2016 makes it a phenomenal experience, so be it. 2015 is looking jam packed for titles so I don't think gamers will be starved for quality content.
360ICE  +   212d ago
To be honest, that sucks.

I know, I know. Blablabla the game is gonna be better. Blablabladon't release half-finished product.

Well, I was expecting a finished product in 2015, so yeah. Oh, well. 2015 is going to be fun nonetheless.

Also, for these kind of articles, start the title with "Why", e.g. "Why Star Wars Battlefront could be...", so it's obvious that it's speculation and not a news piece.
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TheTowelBoy  +   212d ago
If they're going for a more authentic Star Wars experience then all the power to them. JUST MAKE SURE THE ENGINE actually works well in game..
jmac53  +   212d ago
Wait how is Hardline, a title being developed by Visceral, delaying a title being developed by Dice.
OH_u_DEAD  +   212d ago
So because Hardline is delayed, a game not made by DICE, Star Wars battlefront, a game made by DICE will be delayed??? Stupid article.
shadow18spirit  +   212d ago
Already saw that coming

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