Expensive Dragon Age Inquisition strategy guide comes with DLC and other goodies

Even though the Dragon Age Inquisition: Prima Official Inquisitor Edition is a lot more expensive than the video game, the strategy guide does include DLC and other goodies.

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Vantage1117d ago

I don't mean to be an ass all the time, but strategy guides are for bads and casuals.

HannibalBarca1117d ago

They are also considered collector items to others

AstroCyborg1117d ago

why waste your money when you can just look it up online?

Specter2291117d ago

"Collectors items to others"

The question was answered before it was asked.

ExposingLames1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

It has to be the DLC that already comes with the inquisitors edition for 70 bucks though. No way they are going to make exclusive exclusive dlc for a over $100 game. I know its EA, but come on. I didn't see it specified anywhere.

aliengmr1117d ago

Strategy guides are getting DLC now?!


Dark_Overlord1116d ago

Games have been doing it for a while now :(

The most recent one I can remember is Lightning Returns