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Five Games That Deserve HD Remasters (More than The Last of Us)


Kevin from Denkiphile: "The bigwigs at Sony sat down last year after the successful release of The Last of Us on the PS3 and thought, “You know what people haven’t had enough of yet? The Last of Us! Let’s release it again on the PS4 because people will definitely pay 60 dollars to play a previous-generation game again on a next-gen console they bought to play next-gen games on, right?” Do I sound bitter? If I do, it’s because I am. Here is a list of games that actually deserve remasters after years (actual years, like more than 12 months and some change) of relative obscurity." (Culture)

Uncle_Buck  +   245d ago
Yes because you are going to see most of those on a Sony console. Stupid article
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XiNarutoUzumaki  +   245d ago
- Metro Series getting remastered
- Mass Effect Trilogy getting remastered (Rumor)
- GTA V getting remastered
- Tomb Raider already Remastered
- Rayman Legends already Remastered
- Halo getting remastered
- Wind Waker already Remastered

LOl why only The Last of us gets the hate for this movement? I think it is the Exclusive curse this game has the reason why it's been getting so much hate since launch.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   245d ago
Haters going to be hating, Naruto.
Lord_Sloth  +   245d ago
Thank you for having a brain.
Roccetarius  +   245d ago
I'm not quite sure, honestly, since all of those remastered games are holding new games back. Remastering games that are barely considered old, that's just companies taking advantage of console gamers.

Maybe it's something related to a fanatic fanbase.
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Ghost_Nappa  +   245d ago
Rayman Legends is a port, not a remaster
MasterCornholio  +   245d ago
Tomb Raider received some hate because of the price but its nothing compared to the hate that The Last of Us got. Seriously if you dont like it don't buy it and let those who do like it buy it and enjoy the game in peace.

The last thing that I said is applicable to any remaster.
LightofDarkness  +   245d ago
Tomb Raider received plenty of hate. You have a short memory if you don't think it did. It released about 1 year after release and didn't really need or deserve a re-release as it didn't do enough to justify its price tag.

GTA V was expected to have a PC and next gen version release well before it's actual release, so it came as no big surprise to people. Plus, the game would benefit greatly from greater technical capabilities, as it clearly suffered in many ways due to the limitations of last gen hardware (mostly in the simulation departments).

Metro looked so far and away beyond the consoles on PC that it was enviable. Now they have a relative parity. Console players deserve to see these games in their full glory. Plus, it's two games rolled into one. Big difference.

Every Halo game is at least 2 years old by the time MCC comes out. Same with Mass Effect. Halo 2 is being completely rebuilt graphically for the Xbox One, which is more in line with HD remake than remaster. The game is from 2004 after all. This is also 4 games with beta access to the biggest franchise on Xbox's first true next gen outing. Over 1000 hours of content. Deserved.

Wind Waker is a game from 2002 that was criminally overlooked because of the relatively small GC user base and negative attention about its art style, which actually gained favourable responses as time went on. Also deserved.

The Last Of Us is the same situation as Tomb Raider. 60 FPS is nice, higher res is nice, slightly improved detail is also good. But that's all it has over last year's release. It's fine if you've never played it, but effectively pointless if you have. The fact that they're charging full price for it amounts to gouging, frankly, as they're betting on people buying it simply because they have so little else to play. It's cynical.
Subaruwrx  +   245d ago
"The fact that they're charging full price for it amounts to gouging," The fact is that Sony is charging $50.00 ($40.00 for the digital download on Psn) for a game that includes all released DLC. Full price for an AAA game is $60.00 and full price for the DLC would be $15.00 - $20.00.
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skoorydook  +   245d ago
That last paragraph sounds very fanboyish mate, the game isn't full price, it has the dlc added also, then take into account you have basically stood up for all other remasters/remakes besides the Sony exclusive in the rest of post just adds to coming across as a fanboy.

People either have an issue with all remasters/remakes or none there shouldn't be an area to punish some then let others off.
Silly gameAr  +   245d ago
Yeah, it's pretty pathetic TLOU gets singled out when there's dozens of remasters out and coming soon.
deafdani  +   245d ago
Nah, it's not only Last of Us that gets the hate. Just wait until GTAV remaster gets closer to release, and you will see similar comments for that, too.

Wind Waker HD got its fair share of critics as well, despite it being a much, much older game than TLOU.

Personally, I have zero problem with remasters. Because nobody is forcing me to buy them (but I will if they excite me), and new games keep getting made, and a lot of people haven't experienced those games, so I don't see any harm in them.
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killer4fun53  +   245d ago
Everyone lets bash TLOU for remastering. /s
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Wizard_King  +   245d ago
More like gimping to fit on the PS3 and not fully utilizing the PS4.

It's the best game ever yet it's still full of brain dead AI.
SoapShoes  +   245d ago
Brain dead AI and it still is better than the games you like? That must mean there are lots of flaws in those games you don't care about.
vikingland1  +   245d ago
More than? Thats just an opinion albeit a dumb one j/k.

Edit: That's a crappy list in my opinion.
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Jury  +   245d ago
Many people wanted it. Sony makes money. It's win-win! Many gamers got exactly what they wanted. How is this a bad thing?

Don't want it? Fine! Shut up! Don't buy it! Go away!

I don't understand the mentality of the haters :/
creeping judas  +   245d ago
Midtown Madness 3!! Or a remake of the game. That game was so much fun!!
Paprika  +   245d ago
All I need is final fantasy 7,8,9 and 12 remastered and I'll be happy! Oh, would love to see the original broken sword remade too... all of these bar maybe final fantasy 12 will never happen though! Although I can imagine square enix remaking ff7 after ff15 recieves less than desired fan feedback, assuming it does...iI hope it recaptures the old Ff charm.
Lord_Sloth  +   245d ago
7, 8, and 9 would call for complete remakes which would be very very expensive.

And we don't know how the fans will XV yet. It's Nomura making it after all and not Toriyama so we can't assume it'll be as ill received as XIII was.
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1Victor  +   245d ago
Starhawk Would Be Awesome I Play It Every Week I Would Buy It Again In A Flash
Clumpy  +   245d ago
Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2, Rayman 2, Parasite Eve, Any Metroid game and last but not least, Majoras Mask! (I may finally beat it then, damn you majoras mask).
guyman  +   245d ago
Wow just the extreme retardness of the "article" headline is enough to say this person is either: ignorant of the fact that nd and sony have stated that a lot of people who owned an xbox 360 and not a ps3 now have a ps4. Or he knows this and can't accept that a sony exclusive has done so well. Twice. Also, naughty dog have expressed their excitement on how this remaster had benefited uncharted 4's development as they are now more familiar with the ps4's hardware. Furthermore, this game has won more awards than any game in history. Therefore, it deserves to be displayed in the highest graphical fidelity possible more so than any other game.
MelvinTheGreat  +   245d ago
How does sony know that people cam from the xbox 360? Did they do a survey or something?
MSBAUSTX  +   245d ago
I'm sorry but the only game that people should be talking about remastering is Shadow of the Colossus. End of discussion.
Ghost_Nappa  +   245d ago
MSBAUSTX  +   245d ago
Yeah that one too. I believe they are already doing that though. So if it is already being done then it isn't a game we would need to say HAS TO BE REMASTERED. Shadow of the Colossus hasn't even been hinted as being remastered. Thus we must say it needs to be done.
LightofDarkness  +   245d ago
They already did?

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Ares84HU  +   245d ago
I can think of over 200 more deserving games than what is on that list.
generic-user-name  +   245d ago
I like how the author thinks he has the divine right to decide what the criteria is for a game to 'deserve' a remastered edition. And calling TLoU:R a bad idea shows a lack of business knowledge on his part, the game is the most awarded game of all time for crying out loud.

And I know this is subjective but none of the games he listed seemed more deserving of a remastered edition than TLoU.

"Sony, I know you’ve got a movie coming up, but up your game."

Yeah Sony, stop releasing the most awarded game of all time on other platforms so that people who didn't get to play it before can have a chance to enjoy it better than ever, and up your game. /s
Budobear  +   245d ago
G Police and or Colony Wars please......and the original Driver (cut out all the guff that the new ones put in and keep the driving model from the first, as that was the most fun)
LightofDarkness  +   245d ago
I miss Colony Wars too (G-Police was also a guilty pleasure). Seeing as Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) is gone now, I can't see Colony Wars making a come back. However, if Star Citizen reignites interest in the space combat genre, you never know...
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Meatyboy  +   245d ago
Oh God! I wouldn't say anything negative about a playstation exclusive on N4G :0
Sharius  +   245d ago
there are many game ppl want to be remasted/remade but only 1 problem that IF developers have a talent to pull this out like ND and TLOU

for example FF7, gamers thrist for this game to be remade for years, but tbh with the SE now, i rather they leave it alone
andrewer  +   245d ago
TLOU just launched wtf people need it remastered for? Go remaster Deus Ex, Elder Scrolls Morrowind, SW: Battlefront II, whatever, but not something that just released...
GhostTurtle  +   245d ago
God what a terrible list. Super Mario Sunshine? No thanks.
superchiller  +   245d ago
Wow, what a terrible article and a beyond crappy list of games.
DougLord  +   244d ago
Article's merits are being missed because it took a dig a TLOU and fan boys be mad!!!

But it's great to think of the games that really changed the industry getting a new gen make over.

My list....

Tie Fighter
Privateer (I guess this is Star Citizen?)
Baldurs Gate 1&2 with expansions.
Mechwarrior Mercinaries
Star Control 2 (but with a totally different map and extra plot points)
Half Life
souldestroyer14  +   244d ago
I believe TLOU remaster is a bit pointless if you already own it on ps3. It's a single player game, playing it more than once is like reading a book twice. For me slightly better graphics and smoother gameplay doesn't justify a second play through. There's very little replay value to a game that is linear, unlike a game like mass effect where you can play the game again as a different class or make decisions that change the story. If you've never played TLOU then this is a great deal. Honestly I would be angry if I bought the game and dlc on ps3 and not even a year later the better cheaper version is announced. They should have just delayed the game and made is cross-gen, this would of been a killer launch title. Just my 2 cents. Waste your money as you see fit.

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