Crash Bandicoot Sony Petition Starter Interview

PSG chats with Bradley O’Rourke to find out more about the petition that is starting to make rounds all over the internet. This petition will hopefully show Sony that fans are very much interested in another Crash Bandicoot video game.

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Relientk771272d ago

Would love to see Crash Bandicoot on PS4

randomass1711272d ago

I wish I could give you more agrees. Crash needs to return home since Activision can't do anything right with him. Spyro too.

Thatguy-3101271d ago

I think it's bound to come. The question is when? There is a reason they keep bringing him up. If the franchise wasn't going to make a return then they would have let it die and not speak of it again. I honestly think they will aquire the rights again.

user74029311272d ago

bring that orange tazmanian devil back

Bathyj1271d ago

I think youre confused with someone else.

LightDiego1271d ago

I signed the petition, let's hope for the best, Crash needs to return.

averagejoe261271d ago

Yea....Sony doesn't own crash bandicoot... Might want to change up the petition a bit...

MegaRay1271d ago

Yup these petitions are pointless when Sony OWN games like Ape Escape, Jak, Sly, LBP and knack. Why would they go lose millions when they could just use those instead?

Bathyj1271d ago

Because theyre not Crash?

I think people are saying they want Sony to buy Crash, or at least rent him. He belongs on Playstation.

averagejoe261271d ago

@Bathyj yes that would make more sense but I've heard that it's not for sale unfortunately

I believe Activision owns it and they are not interested in selling (from what I remember)

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The story is too old to be commented.