Nintendo Should Release Fatal Frame V in the US If They Want My Money

Geek Party: "Back when I was doing a series on video games that can be considered art, I wrote about a horror game called Fatal Frame II. I fell in love with the game for its ability to draw me into a horrific world where no individual battle could be won, because the setting itself was my enemy.

So now there’s a Fatal Frame V, apparently? With the ability to use the Wii U GamePad as the Camera Obscura?

Nintendo, I would like to give you my money."

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ritsuka6661302d ago

I would be very surprised, and disappointed if this doesn't get localized.

MSBAUSTX1302d ago

I agree man. The way things are going for Nintendo and the fact that so many people are demanding this be released in the west should be more than enough proof to Nintendo that it would make them money if it was released outside of Japan.

recto851302d ago

I really hope they release it everywhere especially in EU and America.

gerbwmu1302d ago

Nintendo needs all the Wii U games it can get. Especially unique experiences like this. I'm guessing since they have a hand in it that localization should be around the corner.

Bubbamilk1301d ago

Ill even just take it with subtitles. Actually I'd prefer it.

Just hurry up and announce it for NA!!!!

Pherup1301d ago

Anyone else want Dragon Quest X