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Atlus Tease Three Secret Projects In Development

Fan-favorite developer Atlus have teased three new projects in the works, one of which should be revealed very soon. In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Atlus’ CEO Naoto Hiraoka was asked if the studio had any titles in development outside of the Persona series. (3DS, Atlus, Wii U)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   280d ago
Atlus projects, exciting.
Yi-Long  +   280d ago
Considering their ties with Sega, I'm hoping for Shenmue.

I just wish they would include the option for the original Japanese voices in their games.
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Relientk77  +   280d ago
Atlus is awesome, so they are probably all great games
3-4-5  +   280d ago
* So a game that will be released in 3 years, another new IP, and then the 3rd game which will be similar to Dragon's Crown.

Sounds pretty good actually.
Uncle_Buck  +   280d ago
Worse than EA
trickman888  +   280d ago
Um, no?
XtraTrstrL  +   280d ago
Wha? This boy's crazy.
Activemessiah  +   280d ago
Whatever you're smoking, keep it to yourself.
MSBAUSTX  +   280d ago
Your comment was worse than EA. Not to mention EA has more people that still like them and respect them too. Atlus has even more. Now you have neither. Good day sir!
Revengeance  +   280d ago
That better be sarcasm
rextraordinaire  +   280d ago
styferion  +   280d ago
there goes your credibility..
Kevlar009  +   280d ago
Shin Megami x Fire Emblem
KonsoruMasuta  +   280d ago
That wouldn't be a secret. That game was announced over a year ago.
Myzery  +   280d ago
A title in development similar to the likes of Catherine and Dragon's Crown??? Those are two wildly different games. I would love to see another title with the themes that were introduced, and done damn well, IMO, with Catherine. It was a personal fav last gen for the story alone. Hell I'd pay $10 for a downloadable game with the type of puzzles it had.
nope111  +   280d ago
Persona 4 Go Kart Racing
Call of Persona 4: Social Warfare
Persona 4 Puzzler

Joking :p
vanity29  +   280d ago
Lmao Social Warfare that's genius XD
ritsuka666  +   280d ago
Atlus should change the name for : Persona software.
AceBlazer13  +   280d ago
Persona 5 PS4 pretty please. I'll shoot myself in the head if this doesn't happen.
Blank  +   280d ago
Hope your talking about an evoker ; )
goldwyncq  +   280d ago
Persona 6?
TheWackyMan  +   280d ago
They'll make Persona 5 Golden for PS4.
matrixman92  +   280d ago
Persona 5 remaster

I kid I kid
contradictory  +   280d ago
i think it's safe to say there'll be some special edition of it at some point

mostly because Persona 3 had 2 special editions
and Persona 4 had 1 special edition
TheWackyMan  +   280d ago
Tell that to the 3 people who disagreed with me.
Nilla_Nate  +   280d ago
Please let at least one of them be a Persona game for PS4.
contradictory  +   280d ago
hopefully it's a new SMT for consoles
having mainline SMT on modern hardware would be the tits
even having HD version of SMT:Nocturne would be great
MSBAUSTX  +   280d ago
Can soneone please get behind me when I say I want a Brigandine sequal and at least one more 3D dot game Hero?
mydyingparadiselost  +   280d ago
I haven't played Brigandine so I can't comment on it but I'd be all for another Dot Heroes game. I need more screen long swords in my vidja gaems.
nigelp520  +   280d ago
Shining Force?
kalkano  +   280d ago
Now THAT's something I could get excited about!
rextraordinaire  +   280d ago
Digital Devil Saga, Part 3 ?

Another work with VanillaWare?

Catherine 2, afro lady unleashed?
DonDon  +   280d ago
Seriously I wanna hear your idea for the Afro Lady for a Catherine sequel.
rextraordinaire  +   280d ago
Have you played it ?


If you complete the hardest difficulty and extra modes etc etc, Afro Lady is revealed is Ishtar, goddess of love. From there, anything can happen. ;)
ONESHOTV2  +   280d ago
more games for my vita would be welcomed... i don't know i cant play an rpg on a big screen that why i like my vita i wont feel sleepy while playing
Inception  +   280d ago
New Sakura Wars?
New Growlanser?
Catherine 2?
Dragon's Crown 2?

Well, whatever it is, i think we will find it on TGS
jmguy100  +   280d ago
ps4 or vita game please atlus!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   280d ago
Good to see they are thriving.

right now, I just want to see
Shin Megami x Fire Emblem.

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