Ninja Theory To Announce A New IP - No DMC or Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory squash rumours by announcing their soon to be revealed game is a New IP

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user74029311268d ago

maybe its enslaved 2, they didn't rules that out.

Rhezin1267d ago

right?! I don't know why the hell those meatheads don't do a sequel to HS. How incredibly disappointing...

Dezmond1267d ago

Enslaved 2 is a sequel, not a new IP

die_fiend1267d ago

Yeah, calling a sequel a new IP is probably the dumbest thing I've seen here and that's saying something!

I'm guessing you're just trolling

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Sevir1267d ago

New IP, NEW IP NEEEEWWWW IIIIIPEEEEE!!!!! Enslaved is an established IP, Enslaved 2 would be a sequel, not a new IP.

smashman981268d ago

Lol new ip means not a sequel, prequel, or a reboot.

Thatguy-3101268d ago

Thanks for the explanation. People seem to not know what it means. I guess everyone does learn something new every day.

Relientk771268d ago

Ninja Theory has a good track record, so I'd love to see what new IP they have up their sleeve

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The story is too old to be commented.