Submitted by TheDesertRat 83d ago | opinion piece

Yes, Destiny is Pretty Much Just Another Halo...And That Is Not A Bad Thing

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "You've probably read some criticisms of the Destiny beta saying that it is just another Halo, or just another shoooter. They aren't wrong, but that old, familiar feeling isn't a bad thing either." (Culture, Destiny)

bobdog626  +   83d ago
No its not bad 4 bungie its great in fact but 4 microsoft its real bad indeed ps4 just got there halo it will sell like hotcakes thats 4 sure lol
ATi_Elite  +   83d ago
Im sure only the media is making a big deal about Destiny being an upgraded Halo as no gamer i know is complaining

Besides MS still owns Master Cheif and no matter how much Destiny plays like Halo Halo still has that Halo music and the Chief.

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