Electronic Arts Will Have a Massive 2 Hour-Long Press Conference at Gamescom; Date/Time Announced

Electronic Arts will have its own press conference this year at Gamescom, and it'll be a massive two hour-long media briefing.

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Dlacy13g1154d ago

Jesus, I guess with E3 they fell flat enough that they realize they need to step up their game. So 2hr presser and they already dropped the bombshell of EA Access. EA looking to redeem themselves.

ATi_Elite1154d ago

Thats 2 hours of good sleep to prepare you for Sony's

inf3cted11154d ago

They are having one? Oh boy, I cant wait for all the vita announcements that will surely impress me! /s

TheWackyMan1154d ago

I know right, I can't wait to see all the new AAA vita games!! I wonder what new cross gen games they will announce next for PS4!

dcj05241154d ago

Oh good. Hope it's like 2012's with Killzone,Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice

tbone5671154d ago

Ubisoft and Activision will announce their own awesome partnerships with Microsoft too.

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GT671154d ago

now that criterion games out of the way hopefully Ghost games able to produce better quality nfs

that is all im looking forward from EA

Starbucks_Fan1154d ago

Hopefully some Battlefront and Mass Effect news...

Relientk771154d ago

Hopefully it's better than their E3 conference, because that sucked.

Team_Litt1154d ago

Mass Effect Next and BFBC3 and I'm happy.

dericb111154d ago

As much as we all want Bad Company 3 we really need to think about the fact the Dice would still be making the game.

Lucreto1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I will wait for the official announcement.

If it is 2 hours livestreamed or 1 hour livestream and 1 hour media interview time.

A few years ago it was said Sony had a 3 hour conference but turned out it was 1 hour and 2 hour media interviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.