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Pinball FX 2 On Xbox One Will Now Import Tables From Xbox 360, But Game Pushed One Month

In a welcome reversal, Pinball FX 2 for the Xbox One will now allow you to import your tables from the Xbox 360 edition, though this bumps the game back one month to August. (Pinball FX2, Xbox One)

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Bigpappy  +   143d ago
Didn't play much of it, but this is a good move
DeadRabbits   143d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MSBAUSTX  +   143d ago
I really like these pinball games. They are good quality and the price is good. Definitely a good past time when you want to just relax instead of get into something deep.
PumpkinEater69   143d ago | Spam
Dudebro90  +   143d ago
Good move!
4logpc  +   143d ago
I wonder why they decided to not do it in the first place, kind of a big feature.
optimus  +   143d ago
...because microsoft wouldn't let them...zen mentioned this when they got a lot of backlash for it....look for this original story here on n4g which has zen studio's explanation.
DaleCooper  +   143d ago
woohoo! This is some good news since I really didn't want to repurchase old tables I had.
JimmyDanger  +   143d ago
I don't see how this can in any way be framed as bad news.

It's great news! Happy that I can import the 20+ tables I've bought for PinballFX2 on 360. I wouldn't mind paying for the base game again if the tables import for free.
timotim  +   143d ago
Im good with that...I bought a few tables on 360...hey just sold a copy of the game. Congrats.
NeoGamer232  +   143d ago
That will save me about $75 since I have all 360 tables!
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beerhound  +   143d ago
Don't forget, Pinball FX 2 on Xbox One will actually be free. You only have to pay for the tables. Which means if you have a bunch on Xbox One, it's all free.

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