Deep Down Being Free-to-Play Is A Necessary Risk Says Capcom

During a recent shareholders meeting, Capcom were asked to comment on Deep Down and the fact that the free-to-play approach can be very risky.

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Chuk5730d ago

Deep Down being an actual game is a necessary risk for Capcom.

Palitera730d ago

Get used to it.

"Our first free-to-play".

This gen will be something...

ocelot07730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

I don't mind F2P games just not P2W.

Team_Litt730d ago

Is this game even getting a worldwide release?

maniacmayhem730d ago

Last I heard it was still japan only.

thejigisup730d ago

And that is sick a shame too. Reception had been stellar

SoapShoes730d ago

The Beta is Japan only but no where did they say the full release wouldn't be worldwide. They showed it off at several western events including the PS4 reveal. It will come out of Japan.

ocelot07730d ago

Well they did post on the European Official PlayStation blog about a month ago. With a trailer in full English. Also promised more info about Deep Down for July. So I would assume it is at very least coming to Europe and Japan.

KonsoruMasuta730d ago

I don't know how to feel about it. This is Capcom and they will be sure to nickel and dime you.

TekoIie730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

If their past record is anything to go by expect a pay2win model :/

lfc_4eva730d ago

I completely forgot about this game.

I reckon Capcom are trying to slowly kill of this venture, by keeping it on the downlow.

redwin730d ago

It would be wise to forget about this game and be ok with it if it ever shows up. If capcom ever gets bought, this game might be scraped. It seems like there is a lack of consistency and clear picture of the direction they are taking with this game.

Mega24730d ago

Still waiting for Monster Hunter 4 on vita, or at least a N.A. release.

KonsoruMasuta730d ago

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming to NA next year. This was confirmed a while ago
They were showing it off at Nintendo's Treehouse stream at E3.

I don't know about a vita version though. Probably won't happen.

XStation730d ago

It needs to go multi-platform.

spence52490730d ago

Better buy a 3DS. The only MH game coming to vita is the mmo version japan has had for awhile. I had to suck it up and buy a wii u just for MH3U.

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