GameInformer July INfamous cover!

From cover of GameInformer July:"Sony and Sucker Punch unleash a super powered sandbox game unlike any other"

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Fishy Fingers3787d ago

Cool, someone should have details up soon, cant wait for those!

Vojkan3787d ago

Details? That has already been posted like 15 hours ago. Here, read it.
Cover story is Infamous (Game looks f..king awesome)
- "Infamous begins with a serene, panoramic sky view view of EMpire City on the title screen, with the words "press start flashing". ..once you push start, a massive explosion rips through the heart of the city. Six city blocks are consumed by the center, a man named Dylan staggers to his feet."
- Dylan doesn't know how he got his powers and starts out apathetic. He then becomes invest in the city...or you can choose not to be at all.
- Dylan can run up rooftops, scrambles across building archtecture, and can seek cover in unlikely nooks and crannies.
- Sucker Punch striving for simple controls to do not so simple things
- Empire City has 3 islands
- After the explosion, the city falls into chaos. A plague makes the govt. quarentine the city. Gangs are formed.
- Dylan's abilities evolve throughout the game
- One fight saw Dylan and his friend Zeke against a bunch of guard. A couple of choices include zapping the mobs and flinging them off the bridge, or using your electricity on the environment (i.e. power generators that may be nearby) to create explosions.
- Sucker Punch says "The hero's powers and te storyline are in support of the gameplay."
- Dylan cannot use firearms since his powers are "always on" (meaning he would set off the gunpowder in bullets). The powers can complicate your actions within the world.
- There will be other "villians" with their own powers that come into play. As well as other normal enemies with powers.
- - Infamous isn't structured like other open world games with a marker on the mini map for your next mission. The team's goal is to create a world where events unfold naturally.
- For example, you're on your way to disarm a bomb, but you notice a woman in the street bleeding and screaming. Time is ticking. What do you do? Your actions affect the world at large. Hence "Infamous".
- Karma system keeps track of your actions ( I assume without showing you? Not sure). Your actions affect the actions of the citizens of the city. They may fight with you or ignore you or even help fight against you. Karma also factors into how your abilities develop.

Fishy Fingers3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Thank you, must of missed it :)

Cheers! Sounds Kick Ass!

Diugu3787d ago

This sounds awesome... another must-have title.

ScentlessApprentice73787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Magazine subscriptions deliver about every 4 weeks, so I hope I get this issue in the mail by the end of the week. InFamous sounds like a real blockbuster for Sony. This new IP could really be a formidable opponent for GTA.

Jack Meahoffer3787d ago

Details have been very vague so far so I'm going to try and keep my expectations down. Don't want to the hype to weigh the game down like a lot of other games.

Anything open world is on my anticipated list.

Lifendz3787d ago

we just recently lost the possiblity of playing 8 days or the The Getaway anytime soon yet we have so many great exclusive IPs coming that no one is even worried.

Oh and my money for the mystery game is on it being Team Ico's game.

PSN: Lifendz

Doppy3787d ago

I've been waiting for a city of heroes like game for a while, and this looks like it could be a good one. I don't expect this until early 09, but that's fine. We may see a death match between this and Crackdown 2.

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clintos593787d ago

Would love to see some game footage. Sounds like this will be an awesome title. :)

Vojkan3787d ago

E3 is just month away, be patient and play MGS4 :)

Silogon3787d ago

This game is just unappealing to me on all fronts. The lead character design is horrible. I wish you could change clothes, hair something cause this chump looks just like the kid from Bully. Pretty lame.

earthdome3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

mayb NG 2 game story suits you well since u don't like this type of gameplay.

"events unfold naturally" is appealing enough for me

ActionBastard3787d ago

That is the lamest complaint list of a game (still under development) I have ever read. I hate this game too. The lightning looks too bright. Plus, his jacket looks like it's from the GAP and I'll only wear Polo so, he looks stupid. You can can't comfortably perform super moves in cargos like his, so again, this sucks. Look at the car he's standing on. It's looks like a VW. Everyone knows Hondas are the way to go. Nevermind Sucker Punch is a great dev and have yet to not deliver on a title.

steck673787d ago

Stop bashing every PS3 article, you make yourself sound desperate, if you it doesnt look apealing to you then dont comment. Go and play Itagaki's AAA game, oh wait.

LarVanian3787d ago

"Sony and Sucker Punch unleash a super-powered sandbox unlike any other"

This game will sh!t all over the 360's grave after it is killed by MGS4!

Figboy3787d ago

was that really necessary?

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