20 Things You Miss About Gaming

Put on your Power Glove, grab a bag of 3D Doritoes and prepare for a nostalgic journey through the earlier, simpler days of playing video games!

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kalkano1451d ago

I was born in '83, and I've been playing games since '86. This list is terrible. For the vast majority of the list, I'm either indifferent, or I'm glad it's gone.

I still think modern gaming is terrible, but not because of any of these reasons...

Magnus1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

A new Sega console is what I miss the most and some great franchises like BattleToads, Double Dragon, and Lost Vikings to name a few titles.

SegaGamer1450d ago

Some of the things in the list i agree with but some of them i disagree with massively. I like having voice acting in cut scenes, it's definitely a step up in my opinion. The one in the list i 100% agree with is cheats. Cheating is fun, i always used to complete a game and then do it again with the cheats.