16 new cars announced for Forza Horizon 2

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have unveiled 16 brand new cars for Forza Horizon 2, the upcoming racing game for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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cfc781334d ago

Wonder how many cars that aren't in Forza 5 will be in Horizon 2.

brandonb211334d ago

i think on they said 200

brandonb211334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

i still have to pickup an xbox one :(

memots1334d ago

Keep em coming, I don't have an Xbo yet but when i do ill want all the content possible and will get the GOTY edition, "rubbing hands .. Excellent "

xJumpManx1334d ago

Loved the first horizon can not wait for the second. Then a week or two later you get drive club and then The Crew following a month later. Good times for racing fans.

ScorpiusX1334d ago

Forza.H2 and Crew for me .

1334d ago
Makkanchor1334d ago

Really lucky for xbox one owners forza 5 getting so much and here i am with ps3 playing gt6 waiting months n months for dlc:(

xJumpManx1334d ago

How is GT6. I used to really like the series but GT5 was almost unplayable to me. I did the full install and everything but the game took forever to load it seemed like you spent more time int he loading screen than the race.

Makkanchor1332d ago

Gt6 auto installs while your playing so u dont need to wait to play and its way bigger and more content than forza 5 physics of gt6 is far better and in a week or 2 we will have the zahara track wich is biggr than the full nurb track so im not really missing out on anything no offence i do like forza 5 as the graphics are very pretty and its arcadey but gran turismo has the edge in realism gt7 next year on ps4 can easily finish forza series off