Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Analysis – Exo-Suit Abilities, Score Streaks, Field Orders, and More

MP1st - It was brief, but the five second teaser at the end of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s recently outed campaign story trailer was more than enough to tell us a few key points about the game’s highly anticipated multiplayer.

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Minute Man 7211302d ago

Did I just read 8 vs 8? Hope the player count is more in multiplayer when the game is released

ZombieDust1302d ago

8 vs 8 for cod is already an increase

ThePope1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I love 6v6 or 8v8 as long as the maps are done right. I hate playing objective based games with more people its pure chaos. The first CoD: MW was 6 v 6 and it was amazing.

3-4-51301d ago

6v6 was normal, Ground War was 9v9.

if 8v8 is normal then maybe they can do 12v12 Groundwar or something.

Ripsta7th1302d ago

Man wassup with all the disagrees on CoD articles lately? We have been making valid points
I have a feeling Cod devs are lurking this site, if you are i wont buy your game on launch, will wait until its $25 at least

youndamie1302d ago

Lol Black Ops 1 isn't even $25 yet, you'll be waiting a long time bro

Brix901302d ago

Deals bro got Ghost for $25 back in February for Xbox One...that game sold fine even if it wasn't good

objdadon1302d ago

This is a slippery slope sledgehammer is walking. The added features like the jump, dash, portable cover, cloak, ect. Could go well or extremely bad! People cried for changes, we'll we got some so let's see how the community accepts them.