Assassin´s Creed Unity Looks Stunning At These New Screenshots At Ultra Resolution

New Screenshots at 4480x2520 shows amazing graphics and ways to move trough streets of Paris.

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GeraltofRivia1332d ago

I think I will upgrade from 2560 X 1600 gaming to 4480 x 2520 or something close to "4K" when this game is released. Not sure if those screenshots are touched up or if they do look that incredible from in game graphics.

opproject1332d ago

too bad that even if you play it at 4k, 1080p, 720p the game has still the same quality so stop bragging about it lol

Fishy Fingers1332d ago

The point of the article is how good it looks at very high resolutions. Speaking in context is bragging?!

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marioJP871332d ago

Stop hating on what he got. He got the right to say and brag on whatever the hell he wants. +1 to him for being able to play games at a higher resolution than average 720/1080P.

GeraltofRivia1331d ago

if you think what you said is true you have never seen a pc game on high settings or you have problems with your vision. i am not trolling just telling you the truth. i guess your console only mentality might have convinced you to think "next gen consoles" means the same thing as gaming on a decent to high end gaming pc.

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WeAreLegion1332d ago

Not if it plays like the PC version of ACIV. :/

Vantage1332d ago

Probably mediocre like Assassins Creed 3 and 4.

skulz71332d ago

The one thing about Assassins Creed is that the games graphics have always been top-notch for the year its released. I mean AC 4 is arguably the graphically best game of last-gen.

Hk85karlsson1332d ago

Nope, either TLOU or Beyond 2 Souls.

It depends on what you look for.

skulz71332d ago

Sorry, I should have said, graphically best open world game.

XtraTrstrL1331d ago

I honestly believe that if Ubisoft made a PS4 exclusive and made an exclusive optimized PS4 engine to go with it - they could give Naughty Dog a run for their money in the visual department atleast. Their engineers and artists are really that good, it's just that they are so multiplat that they can't pour it all into 1 platform to the fullest, yet Unity is still looking beastly regardless.