The Last of Us Reception Was A Bit Of A Surprise to Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog didn't quite realize at first that The Last of Us would have been received in the way it has, according to Emilia Schatz.

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LavaLampGoo1153d ago

Haha I guess when you've worked on something for so long youll be way to close to tell if its any good by the end.

Alexious1153d ago

That's probably the case. Even Blizzard had no clue that World of Warcraft would have been a massive success.

XB1_PS41152d ago

To be fair, that game was more successful than anyone could have predicted without being laughed at.

TheUltimateGamer1153d ago

Sounds about right. When you word so closely with something it's hard to see it from a third party perspective.

Irishguy951153d ago

Nah it's because they realize the game isn't perfect, unlike it's fanboys.

2pacalypsenow1153d ago

show me 1 perfect video game ever made

LAWSON721153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )


IMO Portal 2 was perfect or at least the closet thing I have ever seen in a video game. It is not my favorite game but it is certainly one of the most flawless and well crafted games I have ever played.

HeWhoWalks1153d ago

It has absolutely nothing to do with that at all. Someone obviously didn't read the article.

OT: Always admire their modesty.

Visiblemarc1153d ago


Loved the game... Perfect?

Alexious1153d ago

It doesn't need to be perfect to be one of the best games ever made.

Spotie1153d ago

Ridiculous comment. Not unexpected.

ArtificiallyYours1153d ago

Wow. Just wow. Can you even? I don't think you even can.

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Gamble201152d ago

I think they created the right game, on the right system (in terms of the tastes of its user base), at exactly the right time. The zombie/walking dead craze had pretty much reached a feverish pitch right at the time Naughty Dog released the game, and the game itself was absolutely perfect to tell the type of story that the genre needs to be successful. It also helped that the PS3 had 80 million users. I have always argued that uncharted 2 would be one of the best selling platforms in history had the PS3 user base been as large as it was in 2013. (Although I do believe TLOU is probably a better game, personally)

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Festano1153d ago

Given the great success, surely there will be a sequel.

Imp0ssibl31153d ago

In part, I hope not, the story of The Last of Us was perfect as a standalone, at least for Joel and Ellie's story. I wouldnt mind a "sequel" set in the same universe, maybe from the Firefly's point if view.

HeWhoWalks1153d ago

This is my view as well, although I'm cool with playing through an entire game as a more grown up Ellie.

Darkwatchman1153d ago

Naughty Dog have said time and time again if a sequel were to be done, it would be a new set of characters.

TFJWM1153d ago

@Darkwatchman They never said that... They said if there is a story to made they will make it. Never ruled out using a new set of characters or not using a new set.

Alexious1153d ago

I still think throwing away Joel and Ellie as characters after one game is insane. It doesn't make any sense, they're not finished at all.

Sharky2311153d ago

I like to play out the story of ish and that family he was protecting.

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mochachino1153d ago

I have mixed feeling about a sequel that included Joel and Ellie, LOU story was perfect, and the feeling left by the characters may be tarnished if another game is devoted to them.

On the other hand, ND created some of the most well developed main characters in gaming, it could be a waist of opportunity to not continue their story.

I think the LOU universe should definitely continue but other games shouldn't focus on Joel and Ellie. Or maybe have a prequel game about Joel and his brother

ONESHOTV21153d ago

5 more TLOU by the end of the night lol i dont know if you people dont get tired of seeing them

XiNarutoUzumaki1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Because it is a pleasure to see all of you hating on TLOU news every day.

ONESHOTV21153d ago

lol guy why would i hate on a game. i'm not like you i have bought all of Sony consoles since the PS ONE to the PS2 the psp play-station 3 and vita and also a pc gamer so tell me why would i hate other gamers for what they like. i'm just a bit ticked that i see these articles ever day and it just gets to me like there are no other news to report on. i think people like you should open up there mind to different things you are missing out on a lot of good things man.

XiSasukeUchiha1153d ago

Haters are obivously going to hate Naruto.

Ripsta7th1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Just wait until we get all of those MCC articles and how quickly the
Sony fans will start complaining. Just wait and see, theyll just be trolling the articles

Sketchy_Galore1153d ago

and you'll be telling them all to shut up. The eternal dance of the loser.

Chaos-Dad1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

"Naughty Dog have said time and time again if a sequel were to be done, it would be a new set of characters."


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