Retron 5 review: Getting into retro gaming has never been easier | O Canada

Retro gaming is experiencing a resurgence lately and games or consoles that were once aging pieces of yellowing plastic are now often worth ridiculous amounts of money.

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pat_11_51365d ago

I think with a few firmware updates the Retron could be awesome. Still, if you're not a hardcore collector, it's a pretty solid device.

tastas211365d ago

This thing looks stupid. I don't even know why it exists. Nintendo should sue them.

Dasteru1365d ago

There is nothing stupid about it. It is an incredible system. You're just ignorant.

Nintendo can't sue. All the patents related to it expired years ago.

Rokashi1365d ago

that thing looks really ugly, but if it likes genesis games, then maybe it's not so bad

BrianSharon1365d ago

Sigh, why must retro-gaming be so costly.