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4 Reasons Why Bungie Needs to Announce 'Destiny Remastered' Now

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Well, I say go for it. If you have the ability to cash in on a successful game by cleaning it up, repackaging it, and reselling it, then more power to you. In fact, why even wait until the full game is released? Case in point; the Destiny Beta just finished this weekend, and I think the best thing they could do is announce Destiny Remastered, and here are some reasons why." (humor) (Culture, Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Slick81  +   149d ago
Lol no
DeadRabbits  +   149d ago
Get Titanfall Remastered out first! Now thats a game in 720p limbo at the moment.
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XBLSkull  +   149d ago
They should make a Destiny Remastered, the graphics aren't very good but that's Bungie for you. They haven't been a leader in visual fidelity since Halo: Combat Evolved
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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   149d ago
792p ;)
UltraNova  +   148d ago
Titanfall might as well be the last 7XXp AAA game ever... respect!!

Common Activison announce COD Warfare remastered already!!! its been 6 months since my last COD-shot! (not really... the only COD game I ever bought apart from the WW2 ones was Modern Warfare 1)
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Lenrulesdaworld  +   149d ago
Roflmao dead
JeffGUNZ  +   149d ago
Cheesus Crust, how is this even allowed to be posted? Apparently all you need at that site are fingers to be a "writer".

He states destiny was 500 million, no, it wasn't. Activision is on records saying is wasn't even close to that, but they will be investing roughly 500 million over the 10 year span. Basic fact checked does wonders before you "write" anything.
Fishermenofwar  +   149d ago
Its a satire.....Humor
Lord Maim  +   149d ago
I think perhaps the author is missing a key ingredient.
JeffGUNZ  +   149d ago
I know what it was ATTEMPTING, but basic facts are off and where was the humor? Oh, wait, put destiny child on the faces, haven't seen that done on EVERY other article about destiny.
DarthZoolu  +   149d ago
This site was once awesome now fanboys and idiots have killed it.

JeffGunz this article was humor.
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JeffGUNZ  +   149d ago
The article was not funny at all. It was a poor excuse to get clicks about Destiny. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't humor usually require, you know, humor?
MuhammadJA  +   148d ago
N4G is always full of idiots. FFS, they can't even understand or realize a joke or sarcasm without the "/s" at the end.
UnHoly_One  +   148d ago
Just because you don't think it is funny doesn't make it a serious article.

I think the Big Bang Theory is a terrible show that is never funny, but I don't try to tell people it's a drama.

I know it's a sitcom even if I think it's not funny.
JeffGUNZ  +   148d ago
A) The Big Bang Theory is terrible!

B) I am aware of that I never stated it wasn't a satire piece, other then it failed at its end goal, humor.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   149d ago
LOL NO! It is not even out yet! It might not be as big as we hoped to be but Bungie wants to make it big. Therefore they will build a Destiny universe around a basic product. Like you buy a starter set for a role-play game and continue to buy expansion sets...
DirtyPimp  +   149d ago
wls1012  +   149d ago
if people buy it, they will keep doing it. Iam calling it right here and now they will be called ultra HD remaster's
ichizon  +   149d ago
To the people who didn't understand it, it's a parody on The Last of Us Remastered. It's not supposed to be taken seriously. It comes off as more spiteful than funny to me, though.
Hellsvacancy  +   149d ago
Is it not? damn, I was looking forward to buying Destiny Remastered
inf3cted1  +   149d ago
Inb4 Cod remastered, with improved fish ai
Macdaddy71  +   149d ago
Reason number 1 is!!!!!
The game not good, it's a Avg FPS at best...it does not offer anything more then the last 100 FPS.
They no way this game will make them there money back, this will be a well lesson learn kind of game,..
Let spent Millions on a game with out knowing if enough gamers like this type
DJStotty  +   148d ago
Course it will make them their money back. Work it out.

£350,000,000 investment.

£40.00 (average) per game sold.

8,750,000 games needed to reach £350/$500 mill inv (before shares for stores etc)

so lets call it they will need to sell 10,000,000 to make a profit?

I make that 2,000,000 per platform (X360/XB1/PS3/PS4/PC)

If you dont think that is possible to reach those figures then you my friend are very deluded

My bad worked this out in £ rather than $ £350,000,000 investment rather than $500,000,000
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DougLord  +   149d ago
The article is only unfunny if you are GFX addicted fanboy that cares more about 1080p vs 920p then gameplay, plot and good coop/PvP.

COME ON. You can't even see the individual bullets in the gun. What is this 1998?!$??!?? $?

“The true version of this game. It’s not a piece of crap like that vanilla version we put out six months ago.”
Dlacy13g  +   149d ago
LOLz...thanks for the chuckle author.
jakmckratos  +   149d ago
As far as Dumb Attention Grabbing Headlines go...this is the worst I've seen today

Seriously who lets this crap in?
windblowsagain  +   149d ago
Silly headline.

But just no.

As for graphics. Bungie has never been a leader in graphics.

But they do well with gameplay and do alot of other devs that don't get the sales. etc.
andibandit  +   149d ago
Lol no, but may early 2015
kewlkat007  +   149d ago
huh..im out
ElementX  +   149d ago
Just downvote the site and the article.
wtopez  +   149d ago
The thing is that they WILL be releasing Destiny remastered in March 2015. It's called the PC version.
persona4chie  +   148d ago
No lets get MGS5 PP remaster first
stefan771  +   148d ago
They will probably do it for PS5
DJStotty  +   148d ago
stop just stop. How about they concentrate on "journalism re-mastered" so that we at least get one meaningful article in a day. Announcing destiny remastered would result in everyone cancelling pre-orders and waiting for the remastered version. pathetic
Meatyboy  +   148d ago
Funny article, but what's more funny is reading these comments :D
chuckyj1  +   148d ago
Getting real tired really quick of "Satire" or fake posts.
mixolydian_id  +   148d ago
Moronic article is moronic
TheGrimReaper0011  +   148d ago
.............. I'm sorry, what?

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