Fatal Frame V: A Call to Action

GeekParty writes: "Horror game fanatics, Japanese culture nerds, ectomorphic photography enthusiasts, we must make ourselves heard. Need I even remind you all what happened with Fatal Frame IV, when Nintendo promised the west would get a release only to say “Nah, psyche!” a few months later? We had to hack our systems to play it. Nobody profits from hacked copies, and Nintendo needs profits."

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MSBAUSTX1301d ago

I would say It is coming. Unless they are just torturing us with all the infor about it. However I havent seen an official announcment or an english trailer. But it would seem to me that the fan base is yelling for it and that is a good start. We like horror games that are wierd in the states and europe just as much as they do.

TheNewSquid1301d ago

Although, they didn't give us 4. Fingers are neatly crossed for this one.

MSBAUSTX1301d ago

Yeah mine are too man. Mainly because it cant hurt to cross them lol.

Loadedklip1300d ago

Definitely want this game in the states. Please Nintendo!