MIA: The Stomping Land Goes Dormant After Successful KickStarter

From Cinelinx:

All sorts of new and amazing games are springing up on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. These are great tools for game developers to present new ideas to the masses, and provides gamers the chance to try out something different. Not all games have a fairy tale ending, however, and sometimes gamers get burned on the promise of something intriguing, only to be completely ignored and cast aside after helping to fund the project. Such is the case with The Stomping Land, and we decided to look into it.

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WilliamUsher1358d ago

Ugh, I really do hate stories like these for a few simple reasons:

1. Game development takes a LONG time. If you haven't made a game, try it. It's fun if you know what you're doing but it takes a heck of a lot of work if you want things done right (for one project it took me six months just to map out a very detailed police station and even then it still had some bugs that required a lot of fixing)

2. If the most recent response was within the last three months -- and as indicated by the article, there have been some small social media responses as close as the end of June -- why not give them time to breathe and update when ready?

3. The more a team is hounded about updates the less time they have to actually work on the updates. Not every team offers detailed daily blogs like Chucklefish. I love how they update people on a day-to-day basis with their development, but telling people you're cleaning up several hundred/thousand lines of code for the next three weeks doesn't really do much to inform people about anything other than that work is being done.

Now on the flip-side, I do agree that some form of communication is necessary, especially when Kickstarter or crowd-funded projects are involved. More than three months of silence is not a good thing, and no updates over the course of a year (like in the case of Cube World) is a poor way of handling development.

With that said: The Stomping Land is a big seller on Steam, it has a loyal following and a growing presence on YouTube. It's a big game, and I can only imagine how much testing, work and protoyping goes into something like that.

Small teams need time. If they decide to wait six months with nary a word or an update, then you can begin the torch-carrying witch-hunt.

WeAreLegion1358d ago

Everyone seems to like it on Steam. Why would you abandon something with so much potential? Financial potential!

Cueil1358d ago

People are angry because their competition Beast of Prey is updating sometimes 3 or 4 times a week

OpieWinston1358d ago

I've been playing the Stomping Land early access..the updates are pretty good for the team size.

The game has a lot to do in order to get it finished...But it's a really sick experience and sucks that you don't see more people playing it.

Codewow1358d ago

According to the steam forums, some of the backers received an email about it being a fraud and such, so I dunno. The game looked pretty sweet too...

Qrphe1358d ago

One of the problems of Early Access is the lacl of accountability since there is no powerful way of forcing devs to ever finish games if they were to choose so.

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