Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front is the sequel to Slitherine's Battle Academy and follows in its shoes of being a turn-based strategy war game. Armchair commanders will be directing the armor and infantry of the Soviet army during World War II. Touting itself as an approachable, absorbing, and visually impressive strategy game that anyone can pick up and play which is not a common trait found in most strategy games. The majority of your war games will be extremely detailed, will contain massive amounts of micromanagement, and they will typically require superhuman instincts and precognitive capabilities while understand at least a million things at once. The first Battle Academy was positively received and fans certainly felt that it was both simple to pick up and easy for anyone to pick up whether they were a regular war gamer or not. With the Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front development starting to pick up speed I was given the rare and coveted opportunity to play a pre-release build well before it even makes it to Steam.

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