Batman: Arkham Knight - Who is the villain behind the mask?

This year, Batman celebrates his 75th birthday and the occasion is being celebrated across a variety of mediums. Among them, of course, is video games, where Batman returns for his final go-around with Rocksteady in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight.

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SuperBlur1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I'll tell you that , DC is very protective of their ip , characters and what not. If they allowed Rocksteady to create their own unique character , it would probably done through Scarecrow hallucinations .

Obviously it could very well be someone that already exist in the current DC world and is forced to hide behind a new identity for what ever obscure reason. Altho i can't really see it happening

I personally think this is the hallucination of an evil Batman

Magnagamer2221424d ago

My guess is Ra's Al Ghul or Hush.

SuperBlur1423d ago

they're both confirmed to be in the game already and this being an entirely new character , it does not hold much candle :p

Ripsta7th1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Or maybe alrternate universe Batman known as the arkham knight

SuperBlur1423d ago

Nah , they wouldn't go that far in the Arkham story line

jagman481424d ago

Rocksteady have said that he is a completely new character, they had to go to DC to pitch him but he is all theirs.

blackbirdi1423d ago

thomas wayne or deathstroke

Chat371423d ago

This is just my opinion people I think he's a clone back in Arkham city the Joker and Harley Quinn took batman blood and in her DLC ( harley's revenge ) there were cadmus signs everywhere in that building that she and Robin and batman were in. In the DC universe that's what that company did was make clones go back and play the DLC and you'll see those signs all over that building that she was it.

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