Revealed: The 8 shocking truths about your favourite games that you will not believe

VideoGamer: "Games are riddled with secrets you know nothing about! Here's a few to make your brain happy and your teeth smile."

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SteamPowered1212d ago

I have to admit, these little tidbits are actually pretty interesting.

360ICE1212d ago

Awesome. Wonder how I've never heard about the Mirror's Edge rat before.

Artista 1212d ago

the deadspace one tho' O_o

Roccetarius1212d ago

Back when Dead Space released, the chapter thing caught my eye pretty fast. :P

DougLord1211d ago

That Condemned screen shot made me realize how big of a jump in quality we got from day 1 to today last gen. Compare that to Halo 4 or TLOU!!!! Can only hope this gen turns out the same!!