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Call of Duty : World at War - New scans from PSM Italy

Here new scans from the next Call of duty game, coming this autumn on PS3, 360, Wii, PC, DS, PS2 and PSP. (Call of Duty: World at War, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

BigKev45  +   2518d ago
I'll skip it.
kazuma  +   2518d ago
same here
kosha  +   2518d ago
Well i wont be
I like the new direction there taking in WW2 instead of samey d-day landings. Oh and the bit where the guy is hiding in the tree is pretty cool. Potenial for some exciting ambush set pieces.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2518d ago
Not a fan of WW2 games but I'm hoping this will win me over.

Look forward to seeing what they've done with the engine. Some of the screens in those scans look great, last one, guy in the tree, that looks cool. I'm going to cross my fingers for this sucker.
Ben1054  +   2518d ago
on psp
i swear it aint , because of all the thiefs downloading free games
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2518d ago
PS2, PSP, DS, and the Wii? Oh this game is the ultimate failure.

The Genius said it.
kosha  +   2518d ago
Lol i cant see how you can tell that just by it being on all platforms. They will have different teams for each one.
crimsonfox  +   2518d ago
as much as i hate to say it...
this game doesn't look as bad as i thought it would i know my jackass will buy it anyways but i see a flame thrower and i cant help my self but wish this game doesn't blow that hard.
mistertwoturbo  +   2518d ago
after seeing these screenshots, the game doesn't look bad at all. infact it looks to be pretty different than the other WW2 COD's.
Imallvol7  +   2518d ago
No Infinity Ward = Me Being Skeptical. I just discover COD4 multiplayer though and that will keep me busy for ages. There is a rediculous amount of content to unlock.
jcfilth  +   2518d ago
I'll take Resistance2 and Socom.
eagle21  +   2518d ago
I'm most definitely getting those too :)
COD: WAW may be a rent, or a buy once amazon has a $20 off sale...
Imallvol7  +   2518d ago
Agreed. Resistance has the goods in Single Player (GREAT STORY) and Multiplayer, while Socom is my favorite online game of all time. Socom and Halo actually tie for my favorite online games.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   2518d ago
Socom> COD in multiplayer
Socom is modern and has better Multiplayer then this noob friedly game COD4 was so ez to get kills that it got boring and im never buying another COD game agian cuz it suck i can care less if the graphics are good

Why is everybody on the COD bandwagon?? game sucks
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Rammstien_DuHast  +   2518d ago
well from Nazi Germans we can kill some communist asians i personally hate WWII games they should went the COD4 way just get even better graphics more guns better cusimazation with the guns and little stuff like that would make it better

PSN: vj06

add me if u gettin MGS4 and lookin for a clan for MG0 and come join my gamebattles clan Outer Heavens Elite
BSigel81  +   2518d ago
This game could be great, but I'm kinda of tired of the WWII genre.
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Fade_Walker  +   2518d ago
It doesn't look too bad, Ill try it out...but I might not buy it.
xc7x  +   2518d ago
i'll take it
though it could turn out to be so so,who knows?
okcomputer  +   2518d ago
I'm done with wwII games. I'll stick with COD4

laser sighted p90 w/night vision and uav radar > bolt action rifle
matchgrade  +   2518d ago
A bolt action rifle would still kick your ass from 50 ft away.
matchgrade  +   2518d ago
Be a little optimistic
I'm totally 100% behind this game. Yes, i too am bored with WW2 shooters. But this isn't the same ww2 that we've been playing for the last 10 years. This takes place in the Pacific Theater, one of the darkest, bloodiest, most brutal chapters in American military history. The terrain is completely different- mostly jungle, tall grass, and caves. That leads to a completely different style of fighting- one that's more up-close and personal, involving flamethrowers, bayonets, and hand-to-hand. If Treyarch does its research (which they will, with a military advisor on board) and throws all that in successfully, this would be by far the most brutal and intense CoD ever made.

And with that, Treyarch really has a chance to impress with their proposed fire effects. COD3 looked damn near photorealistic at parts. Imagine what Treyarch can do now, with a better engine, and twice the amount of time to work on it. You've seen the burning grass. Now Imagine the rest of the environment looking that good, because it's a good bet they'll be able to pull it off.

Also, Treyarch has promised this to be the darkest CoD in the series. This is good news, as CoD4 has proven to me that these games can have a damn good story (even though COD4's intense moments were stolen from GRAW2). I'm hoping Treyarch will honor the vets who fought by creating a game that uses a good story to capture the brutality and horror of the Pacific theater, as it's something that most people of our generation can't come close to imagining.

Remember that Treyarch had 8 months to make CoD3, and it was still a decent shooter. Infinity Ward might not have done better. Treyarch has 2 years now to work on CoD5, so keep expectations high.
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ELite_Ghost  +   2518d ago
tony  +   2518d ago
i have the feeling...
this game may surprise many. its being getting my attention the last few days.

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