What WWE 2K15 needs to be a success

GotGame: With the release just months away, we are learning more and more members of the roster. Besides Sting, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, Naomi, Cameron, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rob Van Dam are all official for the game. Here is what I am hoping to see out of WWE 2K15 to put it over the top.

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DxTrixterz1453d ago

I wonder how many people hold on with pre-ordering it before they see anything be it screenshot or video? I'm super excited for the current gen version but until I see something from the game I will not pre-order it. My biggest hope is realistic royal rumble matches where you can have all wrestlers in the ring at once not just six. Come on 2K release something already.

combatcash1453d ago

New engine with better graphics, inferno match would be nice, if they cant do all 30 wrestlers at the same time maybe a good 15 i think it would be too congested in that ring for a video game.

1453d ago
2pacalypsenow1453d ago

They should do a my wrestler mode like in nba 2k