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Destiny beta: was the hype worth it?

GotGame writes: The Destiny beta is over. You’ve had time to think about it. Was it worth it? (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Douchebag696  +   483d ago
Yes. For once I think things are well justified.
XBLSkull  +   483d ago
No, it's a good game but far from Bungie's best work. I'm guessing a lot of the talent in that studio stayed behind and joined with 343i to continue Halo greatness.
DeadRabbits  +   483d ago
For the PS4.........Yes
xer0  +   483d ago
Yep! A very well paced game.
So much intrigue :)
thorstein  +   483d ago
I was on PS4 and had a blast, but based on comments here I am wondering if the Betas were different based on platform.
Slick81  +   483d ago
God no and it keeps getting worse
kewlkat007  +   483d ago
Yeah you can knitpick a few things here and there(like every game) but it was the best BETA I've played in a while.

I'am now buying the game....I don't play much shooters.
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redknight80  +   483d ago
Agreed, looking at it purely in Beta form, it was the best Beta I have also played. It did kind of kill my hype for the game overall, though. I got the Beta code from a friend and I will stick with my decision to just rent it via Gamefly and then decide later on for a purchase or not.
LAWSON72  +   483d ago
I won't lie I had fun with friends but I am extremely worried about the final version. First off the Xbone version had broken party chat and the PS3 had more social options then it (also it was extremely difficult to join friends do to random closed fireteams and joining on the tower was nearly impossible most of the time). Anyways the beta was simply lacking storytelling, no interesting missions and only fetch quests, PvP was awful, the weapons seem to similar (auto rifles were the only guns in the beta with unique variation the others felt the same), and the bosses felt uninspired and lazy. As I said I know it is a beta but I have many doubts for the final product considering this felt like a trial with a locked level cap
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DLConspiracy  +   483d ago
Careful that is not popular thought.
LAWSON72  +   483d ago
Odds are they did not play as much of the beta to develop these doubts. I easily had 50 or so hrs and played every single day, and in the first 10-20 hrs while you are first witnessing the game you are caught up in the fun and probably do not get into the nitty gritty to develop a lot of doubt. I will not be a huge judge on the final game because all I played was a beta but I see loads of things that are potential shortcomings.

Since it is bungie I will hold my head up high on release and hope for the best, because as somebody who has witnessed their support for a game I know they are not talentless just I think an MMORPG/competitive shooter (yes even if you did not play it it is a huge aspect in the game) is not going to be an easy thing to tackle.
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DLConspiracy  +   483d ago

I think they are very valid points. I think what it boils down to is.. Does the hype meet the expectations? I am not so sure yet either. I think its perfectly OK to have reservations of whether it will be. I think we all hope for it to be. I know I do but hype can be a killer for just about anything. I enjoyed the beta on both consoles, however not all of my friends are equally excited as most people online. I am still picking up the game. My main concerns are Story, possible DLC milking and longevity. These are perfectly valid concerns to me.
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mrmack00  +   483d ago
I like what I saw from the 2 days I played. I think I will buy day 1, although I didn't get to experience it with a group of friends, which I know makes the game 1000 times better.
Si-Fly  +   483d ago
I loved it, just hope they change their minds and add proximity chat.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   483d ago
PvP wasn't impressive and Earth is just Russia which was wasted potential to have only one area and that area had to be Russia. Could have been Egypt, Old london, Amazon rainforest etc. much more interesting settings with better potential like finding rare loot in the Egyptian pyramids guarded by super strong enemies. At the E3 demo they really made it seem like you could explore those mountain in the distance aswell which was a disappointment when you founf out it was blocked by an invisible wall.
TheBrit  +   483d ago
I liked it. It kept me interested, not overly but interested enough to keep playing it for a while.

The only problem is I think it should be renamed to "Halo Effect" because that's exactly what I ended up thinking it was. Halo meets Mass Effect (not that it's a bad thing)

I will prob game-fly this one for the single player campaign and stick with my Master Chief Collection for the 60 bucks when it comes out at the end of the year.
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averagejoe26  +   483d ago
Interesting how any positive comments get numerous dislikes... But negative posts get numerous agrees

With all of the crap released lately, to say this is a bad release is just pure hatred.

No, not everyone has to like the game but most of the hate is unwarranted.

So a PvP only game gets released... No worries there... Now a game with many hours of story AND PvP and all the sudden that's a bad thing?

I did enjoy it, a lot... And never got bored even once (and I hate FPS to be honest... RPGs are my favorite kind of games).

Like I said, you don't have to love it.. But at least have some intelligence behind your unwarranted hatred.
LAWSON72  +   483d ago
"So a PvP only game gets released... No worries there... Now a game with many hours of story AND PvP and all the sudden that's a bad thing?"

Simple fact is the beta did not do story well nor PvP. I really hope you are not talking about TF because no one else is. Anyways simply having a story and PvP is not new and many games were better than the beta in that aspect. Any game can have a story and PvP but to have both be great is a whole different beast. Just because it has these two features does not automatically make it good or noteworthy

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