Elise Character Revealed for AC Unity Alongside New Screens

Elise will also get a turn in the spotlight in a new paperback novel called Assassin’s Creed Unity, which will be told from her perspective and offer a deeper look at her and Arno’s journeys. To get a better look at Elise you can check out some artwork and new AC Unity screens after the break.

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febzilla1392d ago

Good see a female character in the game.

DrRobotnik1392d ago

Very wise on Ubisoft's part. Very wise indeed.

bixxel1392d ago

They shouldn't fall prey to a bunch of cries of adding playable female characters.Many games didn't have female characters,so why all the hate for only Ubisoft?
Did GTA V have a female lead character? Did God of War? Did Infamous Second son? I could go on all day...

ironfist921392d ago

Not playable, and she was always there to begin with, feminist BS or not.

DrRobotnik1392d ago

She might be in multiplayer.

Neo Nugget1392d ago

Speculation is that her and Arno are a couple.

Hell, even his pocket watch has "E & A" etched into it.

bixxel1392d ago

Devs said Arno will struggle terribly on hard choices on a love interest.

starchild1392d ago

This game looks amazing.

opproject1392d ago

she's kind of ugly and that hairstyle is horrible

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