Opinion: The One Thing I Want in the New Doom

Kotaku - "Of all the games that have been announced as coming soon, between Freedom Wars and Destiny, the only game that I'm particularly excited over is the reincarnation of Doom. Why? Because the original Doom is still the greatest game I ever played, and while none of the sequels (including Doom 2) captured what I possibly subjectively consider Doom's perfection, they were double-barrels of fun and a hel of a good time. Get it? Because, shotguns, and imps, and... yeah, nevermind."

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ATi_Elite1330d ago

Huge interactive sandbox levels full of hidden rooms multi levels, traps and dynamic map changing events or destruction.

n4rc1330d ago

They can do what they want as far as I'm concerned..

Doom and doom2 were my first introduction to multiplayer fps.. Back in the day in this ghetto lan center in our neighborhood before lan centers were a thing lol

Doom3 was creepy and fun (as I remember it anyways)

So they have never let me down.. I look forward to doom4

DARK_SOLDIER1011330d ago

bloody gameplay and spider mastermind and ultimate weapons