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5 Games of This Generation Which Derailed the Hype Train

'So far, this generation has been pretty flat when it comes to games. New IPs have not delivered on their promises of truly ‘next-gen’ experiences, reboots have failed to recapture the magic of old franchises and sequels have not measured up to lauded first installments. Let’s have a look at 5 games which have been released during this console generation which haven’t met the hype.' (Battlefield 4, Culture, Dark Souls 2, PC, PS4, Thief, TitanFall, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

Doogle300  +   368d ago
It's a shame that Dark Souls II was so easy. It is like the beginners guide to Dark Souls. Anybody wanting to get into the series, Dark Souls 2 is the pillowy soft way of jumping on to the franchise.

Hopefully as this generation continues we will start to get some games that match the hype.
Anthotis  +   367d ago
Sounds like they took the Skyrim route of dumbing it down for the casuals.

Glad to see Watch Dogs included in this list. What a let down that was.
UltraNova  +   367d ago
Easier + More people get into it= more money = Greed satisfied = losing core fans = they dont give shit, money rules= F*** U

There hope I clarified things for you :-)
Dynasty2021  +   368d ago
Thief was ruined by consoles, sorry, it's just fact. Why else were the maps so linear compared to the first 3 games? Why was "focus" added? All to appeal to the "casual" gamer, when Thief was known for it's hardcore awesomeness with massive maps that ACTUALLY had multiple choices.

Titanfall. Well that's self-explanatory really.

Dark Souls 2 was hyped because they lied about the graphics. I love the DS series, but Demon's Souls was way harder and better than DS1 and DS2. Because it was all so new, it brought the community together as everyone tried to figure out what the hell was happening and how to beat it.

Watch Dogs, again, was a lie. I actually quite enjoyed it but stopped playing it, and haven't had an urge to go back, so yeah, overhyped.

Yeah, BF4 was a bit maddening on release, but it got far better, far quicker on PC than it, I believe, did on consoles. Everyone keeps saying BF4 is broken. PC people aren't, it runs great now and the test servers are making changes all the time to make the game better balanced etc.

I'd say Thief was my biggest disappointment in years. Thief 2 may be one of the greatest games ever made, and it just got butchered the SINGLE TIME it comes to consoles. It can't be a coincidence.

I'm not trolling consoles, I just can't see any other logical reason as to why it was so "consolized". I mean that focus completely took away THE ENTIRE POINT of the series.

"Oh just turn it off."

No, the fact that it's even in there symbolizes their mindset when making the game. THAT is the issue here.
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UnHoly_One  +   367d ago
Games being "casualized" has really nothing to do with consoles.

It's just business, trying to get the most possible people to buy their game.
skoorydook  +   367d ago
Thief was ruined by consoles, sorry, it's just fact

Why do people keep confusing opinion with fact, it really is painfully easy to grasp the difference
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LordMaim  +   367d ago
Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Deus Ex Human Revolution did just fine on consoles. The same with Dishonored, which was in fact a better Thief game than Thief was. It doesn't hurt that they were also good games.

The most recent iteration of Thief was not good. Plain and simple. It had little to do with the platform and a lot to do with the content.
ShinMaster  +   367d ago
Thief was ruined by the developers. Not consoles.
Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 were console games first before the DS games were ported to PC. And guess what, Dark Souls 2 was the easiest game.
Am I to assume that PC gamers can't handle it? That they casualized it for PCs? Give me a break.

Correlation does not imply causation.
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levian  +   367d ago
I don't know why people keep saying Demon's Souls is harder than Dark Souls. The enemies in Demon's hit for a tiny tiny fraction of your health bar, and it is so easy to get infinite healing items, on top of more invincibility frames when dodging than Dark.

In Dark Souls you have less iFrames when dodging, very small number of healing items early on and still limited later. The enemies do a much larger portion of your health bar per hit as well.

I blew through Demon's Souls in no time with no guides. Ended up getting platinum. Dark Souls I played for a week or two on and off (offline before the first patch, I was nowhere near internet access) and gave up. Kept dying, had no way to restore my humanity to summon NPC help because the drop rates were broken. Even today, getting through Anor Londo is one of the toughest parts of any of the games, the part with the narrow ledges and the greatbow wielding knights.

Hell, in Dark Souls 2 they throw so many situations with multiple enemies at you that alone makes it harder and way more unfair than any of the previous Souls games
ShinMaster  +   364d ago
@ levian

No, but Dark Souls 2 was easier than Dark Souls 1.
SaveFerris  +   367d ago
Thief seemed to lack the qualities of the previous games to bear the name. The developers tried to appeal to console gamers but this was a mistake as it turned off those who were fans of the earlier games.

Watch Dogs had so much potential but perhaps it needed a couple more years of development and to be released on current gen only, or just a better story. I'm not sure.

Titanfall was hyped as the second coming of COD by fans and MS. Unfortunately the developers seemed to release a game with half as much content as COD.

I think gamers are as much to blame for hyping up games because we blindly follow marketing without waiting to play the games before deciding if it is good or not.
Douchebag696  +   367d ago
Unfortunately with the many copies sold of Battlefield 4 and WatchDogs history will more than likely repeat itself.
Jubez187  +   367d ago
You can't say Titanfall derailed the hype train because it ended up with a lackluster campaign. NO ONE WAS HYPED FOR THE CAMPAIGN. It's still the best feeling, most engaging, and most balanced FPS on the market as of right now.
Eonjay  +   367d ago
I think it is the lack of content that hurt the hype. That hype fell over a cliff. Also, I can't think of a game that got more hype that Titanfall in my entire life. It was too much to live up to.
LAWSON72  +   367d ago
As much as I agree with what you said the game just lacks substance and I cannot get my friends to play it again. I think Titanfall 2 will be insane if they fix the flaws and just make it a more complete package. IMO Watch Dogs was the biggest letdown and I did not even get hyped for the game. I went into it ignorant and hoped for a surprise and walked away asking myself that was a AAA game?
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Lukebb91  +   367d ago
I hate that so many people say thief was dumbed down for console gamers, they ruined it because they wanted to get as many people as possible to buy it. Minecraft started on the pc and that is one of the most shit and overhyped games thats so easy and played mainly by children so in all of your logic what does that say about pc players.

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