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Is Destiny Really Worth All the Hype? After the Beta, Nope.

Twinfinite: We were all pretty excited to get our hands on Destiny. Like many others, we were ecstatic to be able to play the beta and get a dose of the game before its highly-anticipated launch. We really were excited. Imagine our disappointment when, after playing for a few hours, we realized this game doesn't seem to be shaping up the way we had hoped it would. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hellsvacancy  +   401d ago
It is just your average shooter, nothing groundbreaking about, I think I remember Bungie saying they were going to "reinvent" online multiplayer with Destiny

That said it IS fun to play, I enjoyed my time with the beta, i've been wanting to play something other than the "still broken" BF4, hardline doesn't appeal to me at all, it will be one of the first BF game i've not played

For now Destiny will have to do
Dynasty2021  +   401d ago

Fun to play even though the content length worries me, seems like MP might be what they're basing "hundreds of hours" on, solidly made and presented, looks pretty good but not mind blowing, 30 FPS in inexcusable, but yeah it feels like typical Bungie.

Nothing new or original, just a solid shooter.

Certainly not worthy of the hype, but a good addition to the genre for sure.
opoikl  +   401d ago
During the Beta I couldn't be more excited for the arrival of this game, especially after visiting the Destinypedia which spoke of 3-5 locations per planet. This would mean twenty someting different environments, which to me didn't sound too unrealistic considering the graphics were never going to be mind-blowing and since last gen offered comparable world maps (Borderlands 2).

So now I imagine we're in for a lot of DLC, because to me it seems a little ridiculous to have 4 planets cover jungles, deserts, iceworlds and dirt terrain, when you could find these environments on Earth alone.

I guess I'll wait for the reviews come launch to decide whether I'll jump right in or wait for the GotY Edition. BTW, competitive mp is not my cup of tea, so no replay value there for me.
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ThePope  +   401d ago
Anything. I'll repeat ANYTHING Bungie does is worth hype. Their one of the best developers of all time. Don't get confused. And a lvl 8 beta is not enough to say if the game is good or not. It's like playing the first in TLoU and saying its just another uncharted
opoikl  +   401d ago
Yeah, because what happens at the end of the first chapter of TLOU really takes you back to that familiar Uncharted-vibe.

Thing is, I was expecting this deep, intricate sci-fi world, much like Dune, but apart from the killer soundtrack (very Prometheus imo) I've yet to encounter any proof of this profound universe and mature storytelling. Evidently, we can't say anything for sure until the game launches, but if you consider this Beta like a trailer for a movie, I'm actually starting to believe they can't have much more up their sleeves to surprise us when the game arrives in September.
PeaSFor  +   400d ago
is it possible to block twinfinite articles on my n4g account?

they always shit shitty blog full of shittyness and stink like shit.
guitarded77  +   400d ago
I absolutely love the game... not saying it's the best thing ever, or mind blowing, but here's what makes it great for ME.

1. Hub - The hub gives you a place to rest between PTSD fueling shooting episodes.

2. Deep leveling - It's almost like an MMO in the leveling and item aspect, but not so crazy that you're worrying about item management and whatnot.

3. Social - It offers great co-op and and not as great competitive, but I prefer good co-op personally.

4. Environments/enemies - While I've only seen Russia (which Sarah Palin sees from her house every morning), the maps a big, open and well designed. The enemies are also diverse enough to make you go "Oh s#!t... a wizard. How should I handle this?"

I will agree that it's not the be all end all of shooters, but I haven't heard anyone say it is. Those praising the game, at least from my knowledge, are doing so on what the game does well. It takes great things from many great shooters, and social MMO's, and puts it together without all the crap. I like open shooters like MAG, Battlefield and Dust... I also love good co-op like Halo has. And to have it all integrated into a seamless social hub is pretty damn cool IMO. If I get tired of competitive, jump to the hub and go co-op, or solo, or dance on the post office roof. Whatever I want. I like this.

EDIT: In many ways, I feel like this is what Halo should be today, but Bungie's hands were tied from taking big risks and changing the series too much.
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danny818  +   401d ago
cod doesnt appeal to you?!
aiBreeze  +   401d ago
I think there are many gamers out there these days who've had enough of cod.
voodoochild346  +   401d ago
Perhaps it's too scrubby for him to play.
Blaze929  +   401d ago
i agree. I just don't see the hype about this game - and I didn't like Borderlands so...
DefenderOfDoom2  +   401d ago
Well, from a player, who just loves to play FPS CAMPAIGNS (since 1995). I thought playing the beta on the PS3 was a lot of fun !!! They made DESTINY for people who enjoy FPS games! I thought the combat scenarios were great . I hope in the future, they can run the game at 60FPS . That being said, DESTINY is going to be the game, i will be playing throughout the fall! For now, i will just try to finish WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER on a hard difficulty setting!
Hellsvacancy  +   401d ago
I'm not a huge Borderlands fan either
Johnsonparts23  +   400d ago
just your average shooter? Your average shooter would consist of COD, BF and Halo. This is leaps and bounds beyond those. All of those games don't have an open world setting. They also have a single player and multiplayer that are completely separate. They have little to no co-op. Destiny integrates all of those modes into one game and everything meshes with everything. When people hear "reinvent" I really want to know whats in their head. If you're saying it's an average shooter because it's first person and you shoot guns then fine, but it's 1000x that. I played the Hardline beta and it was an absolute joke. It was a bunch of bad character models running around an empty city. Compare that to the Destiny beta.......I mean I'm really confused as to what you people are expecting. This will be the game of the year easily and we just get a bunch of whiners.
3-4-5  +   400d ago
Destiny is another solid game in your collection of 20,30,40+ games for this gen.

At least for most people it will be.

Some it may be their favorite, while other's it will be the 14th or 15th best game of the gen they played.

Some won't like it at all, and others it may be the reason they get back into gaming.
-Foxtrot  +   401d ago
It's fun, it's a good quality game and it's got a great atmosphere but it's not worth the hype at all.

Especially with all those rumours about the story missions being short and only one destination per planet. Not even allowed to walk into the city we are protecting for the Traveller.

They said it was a game they were going to support for a decade, so in my opinion knowing Activison they'll probably want Bungie to keep content for expansion packs over the years.

I honestly think if you went into the beta and didn't enjoy it as much as you thought, wait a few years until they bring out more content for it.
OrangePowerz  +   401d ago
All we have to base the length on is some data mined from the Beta that hardly tells us how long it takes to play through the story, max out a character, max out reputation with factions, complete all strike and raids and get the best gear available.

People can't expect to get the content for the next 10 years now. Just look at MMOs like WoW while the world looks huge, in WoW vanilla it was rather bare bones with 2 raids, no noteworthy PvP a few dungeons here and there and full of fetch quests and the game only really started with lvl 50 or so once you got access to a good amount of higher dungeons and with 60 the raids that took ages to clear.
-Foxtrot  +   401d ago
I don't think people expect 10 years of content but the way Bungie have went on about this massive universe they've created it seemed like at the time we could hop in our ship and go to a ton of locations. It's the way they've hyped it to be honest, they've made it seem bigger then it actually is.

I mean as I've said in other posts our starting location Earth should been full of different locations not just Old Russia. We should have a few maps to show us different settings. I think it would of been better aswell if the Guardian Tower was actually right underneath the traveller in the middle of the city, so we could walk around the city...then over time Bungie can add onto the town revealing new locations and missions.
OrangePowerz  +   401d ago
I never had the impression that I can just jump into my ship and go to a huge amount of locations since I wasn't expecting Mass Effect Online.

Until the Alpha and Beta there wasn't actually that much hope and instead a lot of complaints from people that they don't show anything from the game.
TRGMatt  +   401d ago
The hype is COMING from people who have played and are hyping the game. *shakes head*

Some people don't like it as much as others. Sounds about like everything that has ever existed, doesn't it?
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Dolf045  +   401d ago
Very true. The hype was nearly non existent before the alpha. It's people playing that are getting psyched for release, Bungie had confirmed that the MMO like expansion roadmap was the way they were going ages ago.

Personally I put about as much time into the Alpha/Beta in just one location (with very little MP) as I did for platinum in Wolfenstein. I'm in no way worried about getting bang for my buck
Johnsonparts23  +   400d ago
but you have NO IDEA how big it actually is. It's a beta, and there are rumors, and that's what you're basing your entire opinion of a FULL game on. Hype will always be there for the biggest games of the year. If this game didn't have the hype what game would? Tell me a game that's going to be bigger and more involved than Destiny coming this year..... There isn't one. Hype is justified because it's just hype.
Rhezin  +   401d ago
Can we just wait for the game to release plz?
waltyftm  +   401d ago
Well said, only played 2 days of the Beta and thought it was good, full release can only be better imo.
DanteVFenris666  +   401d ago
It was good but also showed how shallow it was. More length doesn't equal better. Incredible low number of classes(3) and very little options, so far every level in beta only allowed me 1 choice for skill point. Maps weren't as open or big as they had us believe
stuna1  +   401d ago
I'm with you! A good card player never shows his full hand!
VitaOwner  +   401d ago
That is your opinion. My opinion is the Hype is justified. I actually didn't buy the hype at all until I played the Alpha and now I'm completely sold. I put in about 40 hours in the BETA, so people complaining about some perceived lack of content need to stop complaining. This game will offer many hundreds of hours of content. At the end of the day, everyone won't like every game, but I can't wait for 9/9.
TRGMatt  +   401d ago
The naysayers are speaking so loudly that it is drowning out the VAST VAST VAST majority of people who had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the beta. Internet nature, I suppose. This game is going to shatter sales records. Well...maybe not SHATTER but certainly exceed them.
Douchebag696  +   401d ago
I will be happy if it just knocks COD off of it's pedestal. If nothing else maybe it will make them work harder to keep their franchise in the number 1 spot.
DanteVFenris666  +   400d ago
It's because the vast majority plays cod, so yes if your comming off that crap this looks like heaven. If your comming off an mmo this looks terrible
Johnsonparts23  +   400d ago
@Dante....... why would you be coming from an MMO to a FPS anyways? Coming from a FPS all MMO's look like utter $hit to me and boring as hell. For those of us who have a life we'll stick with Destiny.
Ihatetrolls76  +   400d ago
I really enjoyed the game and can't wait to play more of it. They can always increase the size of the game and level cap over time.
I enjoyed it a lot. It's easy to see how big they can expand the world through dlc support. I'm excited about it.
welly300  +   401d ago
Yeah pay £50+ then dlc on top that should be with game at start we as garmers are getting shafted. :(
DanteVFenris666  +   400d ago
I don't like the game but dlc for a game you like is a good thing for gamers. For example I just ordered j stars victory from japan and would pay an extra 10 per character for some of the characters I want.

In regards to this game if you like it you should want to spend 20 or so dollars every once in a while to expand the game and make it a lot better

Edit: dlc that's bad for gamers is character skins or meaningless stuff like that. Extra content is never bad dlc. If you like it then it's good. 60 dollars for original content. That's fair, 20 dollars for 10+ hours of content. I think that's fair as well. I love dlc/expansions for games I love
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Ihatetrolls76  +   400d ago
As long as the dlc is like what's in borderlands I'll be happy
averagejoe26  +   401d ago
Does this new movie live up to the hype?

After watching only the first 15 minutes... Nope
opoikl  +   401d ago
Great movies like Alien, Moon, Once upon a time in the West, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather,... really do show their true quality from the very beginning, so this doesn't really hold up imo.
TRGMatt  +   401d ago
They most certainly do not...
opoikl  +   401d ago
So all those classic movies around were rather meh to you when you started watching them? Take The Godfather for example: the great atmosphere at the wedding, the epic monologue of Brando in his office, the music, the colours, you must have noticed that this movie does things no other movie has ever tried to achieve, and that it excells at every one of them? Or did you wait for The Godfather Part 3 to form an educated opinion?
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SteamPowered  +   401d ago
Or you COULD just wait until September and form your own conclusions about the full game. Not much gets preordered in my house.
HaveSumNuts  +   401d ago
The tank bike vehicle is ridiculously OP it can determine a whole PvP match.
HaveAsandwich  +   401d ago
I think there's alot we don't know.
Clover904  +   401d ago
I hate these random opinion articles. I thought this site was called News4Gamers, not OpinionsOfGamers. If I want opinions of gamers I can just look at the comments :P
Spotie  +   401d ago
I don't know if you've noticed, but news about ANY subject has pretty much always been paired with opinions about said news. There's a reason why newspapers have an op-ed section.

Furthermore, N4G is just an aggregate site. It doesn't generate these articles, so how can you blame N4G for them? Hell, it's other users who pick the articles that are submitted, not N4G.

Anyway, I'm going with MY opinion that the opinion expressed in the article is a stupid one.
Clover904  +   400d ago
I don't blame the N4G site at all. I'm just annoyed with the users that post links to these articles that contain zero news, rumors or information. Again, I can look at the comments section to read about someone not caring for any given game. I don't need an article link. If the opinion was coming from a developer or celebrity of some sort, then I can see an opinion article being relevant for some n4g users. But this... This is just wasted space on the N4G main page.
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TRGMatt  +   401d ago
It's like some people live in a different universe than the rest of us.

The beta was one of the most fun experiences I've had in gaming in recent memory. To each their own, I suppose.
zodiac909  +   401d ago
It is worth the hype, its one of the few times, maybe the first time we've seen an MMOFPS work so nicely on consoles, plus the ease of which you can get friends together to join in your seemingly massive firefights then jump straight to online multiplayer with such ease feels like a breath of fresh air to me. The controls feel sharp, almost every input from the controller resulted in a satisfying reaction from the character, and the game runs smoothly. Nice to see a and fps with an rpg twist, that steps away from the enless slew of COD games that are apparently hellbent to come out every year.
But hey, everyone loves to hate on, Judge and ridicule something the minute they play it, even if the game is not even fully released yet.
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SliceOfTruth888  +   401d ago
Truthfull Headlines "I need some traffic on my site so i will say the game the majority likes is over rated in the headline"
aviator189  +   401d ago
Or....it could like totally be his or her opinion.
Clover904  +   401d ago
Lol, exactly. It's sad
thecastroregime  +   400d ago
And clearly you have an issue with anybody downtalking a game simply because it is in the majority. I'm not that big a fan of the game thus far and I expressed that opinion. Disagreeing and other dissenting opinions don't exist because we want site traffic. They exist simply because they exist.

I'm sorry you are disappointed with the fact that myself and some others do not particularly care for the game, but don't be so narrow-minded as to assume that it's because we want hits. That sort of hostility is immature at best.
Clover904  +   400d ago
He didn't say he had a problem with you not enjoying the game. He has a problem with you posting a link like your opinion should be noteworthy to the n4g community. Post your opinions in the comments section like the rest of us, unless you're, you know, trying to get some web page hits.
aiBreeze  +   401d ago
Someone could be making the best game EVER (or a FF7 remake) and there will always be some cynical gamer out there who will claim the hype isn't justified. Then again the gaming industry has got to the point where it's so big developers and publishers alike feel the need to talk up their game to impossible standards and many people will claim the game failed to live up to the promises they made.
aviator189  +   401d ago
It's a fun game.
Not a masterpiece by any standards. I think it'll be a solid 8/10 game. Fun with friends, but I hated playing the game alone. Felt a bit repetitive, but friends made it fun.
e-p-ayeaH  +   400d ago
you can easily find someone to put in your fireteam.
aviator189  +   400d ago
Yes, I know that. I played the game. My comment was just in regards to how the game plays out if you are playing alone.
castillo  +   401d ago
It was okay,graphics were nice different but the story felt somewhat empty. May just have to wait for full game before I can say. Crazy their are some betas or demos that make me go damn I want this game this didn't do it.
kewlkat007  +   401d ago
"Crazy their are some betas or demos that make me go damn I want this game this didn't do it."

castillo  +   400d ago
Titian fall, BF4, Project spark to name the most recent.
GoPanthers999  +   401d ago
I agree completely with this article. I was hyped for this game, took off work last Friday for the Beta. Played it, got bored and moved on to a DIY project. Halo has a better story, Titanfall has much better multiplayer, as does PvZ. Lots more games in my house that are much more entertaining. Thx for the Beta, saved me $100!
Oh look, more "Destiny is doomed" articles. I guess you have to make these now that Destiny is closer to Playstation.
TRD4L1fe  +   401d ago
For me it passed my expectations so yes its worth the hype. If you don't like it then too bad. You're missing out on an amazing experience.
castillo  +   401d ago
Great good for you , but what's with the last part of your comment that comes off as a guilt trip, why not just accept that most didn't like it and move on.
TRD4L1fe  +   400d ago
A guilt trip??? I do accept it and I'm simply stating that they're missing out on a damn good game
e-p-ayeaH  +   400d ago
you clearly cant see how good destiny is
Skankinruby  +   400d ago
Lol considering you call titanfall, project spark, and bf4 'worth the hype' you automatically get ignored by anyone with common sense
Flare149  +   401d ago
I can understand some of these misgivings, I played both the Alpha and Beta and explored as much as I could of the world. I found lots of chests, ran through areas we weren't supposed to be in, and even found a few chests/ghosts in some of those areas. I can admit that I think there's a lot of empty space for the sake of it being a large expanse, and then only a handful or grouped enemies to fight. Obviously I also recognize this was only the Alpha/Beta, so it's possible they're holding out higher public tier events or enemies until later (in fact, there was a crazy hulking monster in one of the "???" areas that I had never seen before, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people haven't seen it yet. I even have video). However, all that aside I think a big factor that will play into the games longevity is progression. We were only allowed to get to level 8. Granted, Bungie did say you can get to max level in a number of hours, but there's obviously higher level equipment and armor to find that will likely make the experience more enjoyable.

For example, I played as Warlock. If I equipped armor with Intellect then I could cut down the recharge time for my super, but I didn't in the Beta because that armor was harder to find, and then was locked because it was high level. So your arguments that the supers take too long don't really have as much weight because they can cool down faster, you just need the right armor. I know I got my Discipline armor rating very high, and with energy drain and a gun that replenished some grenade energy every time I earned a kill I was refilling my grenades pretty quick, and was able to use them at least twice during each engagement. Finally, each class can have at least two power trees (Warlock had Void Walker & Sunsinger), meaning we only experienced part of what these classes can do. Plus I doubt everyone, especially anyone who felt the Beta was lacking and quit after a short time, progressed their character enough to fill all the upgrade tiers.

So I do recognize that the game has some emptiness to it, which hopefully Bungie will rectify or will be a non-issue on other worlds (Old Russia is supposed to be an abandoned wasteland after all). However I respectfully disagree with many of these complaints due to the air of mystery that still surrounds certain enemies, progression, and weapon/armor bonuses. We know that you can get to at least level 20, that each class can have at least two types of power trees and armor/weapons can influence powers. That said, there's still a lot to build onto the gameplay, especially since it's an RPG where you're not expected to be a super strong master at the beginning.

I will admit though that I think the story is severely lacking right now. It really is kinda like a poor man's Mass Effect (hence why I picked Warlock, since they're really similar to Adepts haha.)
1nsomniac  +   401d ago
General opinion would have to say no, it's not. Again though, this is all down to their own doing claiming it's going to be some massive big groundbreaking MMO that will last for decades.

Developers are constantly digging their own graves & they continue to do it time & time again. It seemed like a solid game & I liked what I played but it certainly wasn't anything that we were sold on in all the PR BS so I wont be buying it until I'm convinced after it's been out a while & it is clear that it delivers something that we were promised without having the need to pay extra for what we were promised!
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Artista  +   401d ago
No game is worth the hype..
Skankinruby  +   400d ago
Finally someone with common sense, not a single game that received huge hype lived up to it. Gta 5, titanfall, any halo, none of them
How about this? wait until the game comes out, and find out if it was worth the hype or not. Jeez man!
tkato  +   401d ago
I Don't understand all the hate towards this game, it's awesome, multiplayer is extremely fun and competitive, the world is finely detailed with secrets to explore and things to see and the RPG elements seal the deal bringing it all together.
Honestly, it's one of the best titles I played in the last 2 years, just awesome.
e-p-ayeaH  +   400d ago
Most ppl already played Halos and CoDs many times so its natural for them dissing out this game.

I dont play fps shooters these days but destiny beta actually me excited again the gameplay feels great and the grafics and sound are spetacular at least to me.

Its definitly the kind of game i will be willing to keep playing for many years.
tkato  +   400d ago
I'd expect people whom played Halo and COD to be actually positive about the game, yeah it's a shooter, but unlike recent Halos and CODs this game is actually refined, a complete experience, which I find is rare these days.
For me this game is truly next-gen, unlike other titles that came out this passing year.

When I actually saw the first trailer for it I was FAR from excited, looked mediocre at best, but when you play it, it's just amazingly fluid and fun, all the hype this game is getting now is because of the alpha and beta periods, so actually the hype is deserved, because people played it, and found it to be a great game.
ripyernutzof  +   401d ago
Do you wish to continue with your preorder?

You have chosen no.
Dizzydrifter1  +   400d ago
Nope not even worth the beta download .

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