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Submitted by kingtroy 486d ago | opinion piece

History repeating: Xbox One is following PS3′s rocky first year

It’s easy to criticise the Xbox One for a pre- and post-launch period that has seen the console change almost entirely from what it set out to be – an all-in-one connected entertainment box – to a more refined and honest video games console.

But the console business comes and goes in cycles. There are always fads and novelties, some of which last a few months (3D) and others years (Wii). But mostly the cycle of new hardware, followed by a barren period of games launches and gradual improvement in quantity and quality – until the new-gen is a solid market and the old-gen recedes – is a reliable constant. (Xbox One)

xJumpManx  +   486d ago
Spot on article. Should be interesting to see if Microsoft can rebound.
Well, if this is an XBOX fan feel good article, about look how PS3 started slow against XBOX 360 also, and then eventually sold more consoles worldwide, then I'm not sure I see things the same way as this article.

But then again, I didn't read the article, just the title.
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Eonjay  +   486d ago
I understand what you are saying. But I think the bigger point is that no one saw the Wii coming; let alone selling 100M units.

A rebuttal would be to say that that Wii caught on early. Once the mass market got ahold of it, it took off. And again, it did so early. Are we past that point for Xbox One?

A third viewpoint would be to say that the PS4's pace puts it really far ahead, but there is more than enough market to go around.
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I didn't understand a damn thing you said, but politically correct comments that don't offend anyone are always a good way to get bubbles.
nix  +   486d ago
360 sold more because

- of the RROD (which meant many rebought 360 mulitiple times).
- they had one a year head start.
- most of the multiplats games looked better on 360.
- PS3 was expensive as hell initially (600 dollars).

Now over the years PS3 overtook 360 in spite of all those stumbling blocks. let's look at the situations now:

- One is less powerful than PS4.
- multiplats are shining better on PS4.
- they both had the same release year.
- both are priced equally.

Did anyone notice that PS4 has absolutely no disadvantage here unlike the previous gen? One will sell well but will never beat PS4. that's the bitter pill xbox fans will have to learn to swallow. or a harsher way to put it out would be #dealwithit.
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I'm not sure if PS3 sold more consoles that XBOX 360 did, but I think on a worldwide bases, the PS3 is still going stronger than the 360, and it should continue for at least another year, so if it hasn't sold more consoles, it might by the time last gen is fully over.
madworldps4  +   486d ago
Now that what Happened...
Utalkin2me  +   486d ago
How is it a spot on article? Ok, when the PS3 came out. It was a year later then the 360 and was way better in tech. Blu ray, wireless, HDMI, Bigger HDD, rechargeable controllers. And the PS3 still outsold the 360, at a higher price.

And look today to the Xbox1, they released the same year. It's a higher price for less tech. Or same price for less tech.

It's not even close to being the same.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   486d ago
What you just said wasn't even right.
timotim  +   486d ago
When the PS3 hit the market, the Xbox 360 had a 8 million plus console lead on it. I don't know if PS3 has outsold 360 at this point (doesn't matter), but Sony was able to at least catch up over time in units sold at least. The difference between X1 and PS4 is a lot less than that at this point and theirs no telling what deals, innovations or financial situations will transpire over the next few years that changes the landscape. Personally, as long as they both maintain profit then the industry can thrive. But just to look at units sold as your only gauge would be unfortunate.
TheWackyMan  +   486d ago
Do you even remember the early years of the PS3? PS3 was absolutely terrible, all the way up until 2009, when it finally had some games worth buying. Not to mention that PS3 always had the inferior multiplats and worse online services.

If you think about it, it's really amazing that the PS3 bounced back like it did. (maybe not that amazing cause all those glorious exclusives)
Double Toasted  +   486d ago
The PS3's scenario was way worse...for the consumer, IMO. Having to wait 2-3 years for a better than average game to arrive along with dealing with a weak online offering. MS may be a little jealous but I think they're happy also, I know as a customer I am. Its about the games and with the XB1 I need to rarely look over to see what the PS4 and Sony are offering.
LonDonE  +   486d ago
Agreed 100%
Also the fact that the PS3 was always known to be more powerful then the 360, it was just a case of the developers getting to grips with the cell! where as with the X1 vs the PS4 its completely different! EVERYONE KNOWS THE X1 IS WEAKER THEN THE PS4! and so in no way can it catch up eventually! the PS3 vs 360 situation was completely different!

This article is not spot on and is bull! everyone knew the cell when used properly would make the PS3 more powerful, but with the x1 the esram/cloud/secret sauce is not going to do jack tidily squat! the PS4 is more powerful in more then 1 way compared to the X1! just deal with it people.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   486d ago
Its interesting because regardless of MS bad messaging and marketing being allot worse than PS3's, its still bouncing back much, much faster than PS3.
DanielGearSolid  +   486d ago
What do u consider bouncing back?
strickers  +   486d ago
Incorrect. The PS3 sold more than 360 every year but 1( where it was outsold by 80000 , I believe).
The situation is nothing like the same.
XB1 could make a comeback in US and UK but EU it has no chance. Would take years to get worldwide parity IF it could outsell PS4 . It will probably always fall further and further behind, globally.
Kingthrash360  +   486d ago
Smh....angelic ...did truefan hack your account? Because your comment seems just as blind as his. You do realize the ps3 outsold 360 almost every month...the only reason it played catch up was the year head start. In this case the Xbox dropped its price, doubled its sales and STILL DIDNT OUT SELL THE PS4. in no way is the x1 bouncing in fact the gap widens every month as the ps4 out sells it month after month...and I know you know truefan stop hacking angleics profile your making his comments as delusional and untrusted as yours.
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SilentNegotiator  +   486d ago
It's clear that people have fallen for MS's trick of sabotaging their own May sales with a $100 cheaper SKU announcement (a month ahead of time) and comparing their June sales to make it look like Xbone had a massive boost (and hilariously pretending like their E3 showing was a significant part of the reason it saw an uptick). I wonder how many of their investors are just as gullible.

There was no "bounce back". There was a month with its sales potential cut in half with a conveniently early announcement and a month in which the people who were swayed to wait a month went out and bought it.
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Why o why  +   486d ago
Damn angelic . . . .

Put ms a year behind in release date then tell me about better than the ps3. . . The gap is widening as it stands so how can it possibly be in a better state than the console that clawed back an 8-9 million deficit. This basically means the ps3 was selling faster than its competitor which the x1, currently, is not. You see what I'm saying .

I think a lot of the 'selling poorly' rhetoric was based off NA numbers and perpetuated by the western media who had their own console to champion.
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UltraNova  +   486d ago
The xb1 is priced a lot better than the ps3 in its first year (600 dollars in 2006 money vs 400-500 in 2014)and is nowhere near the ps3's "bouncing back" momentum as the ps3 sold more units than the 360 and xb1 in their respective time-spans all while receiving hate and being priced higher the whole generation.

Stop spreading bullshit.
HAC522  +   486d ago
N4G users are getting ridiculous. you posted a comment with the intent of sharing a thought and stimulating conversation, and instead you get down voted.

Now, i love my PS3, i like my ps4, and do not intend on buying an xbox, but almost all the users on here have become the fanboy extremists that we hated with the 360. just look, every single comment that does not preach PS4 superiority and does not bash the xbox to hell is unjustly downvoted.

the community here is shot.
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SilentNegotiator  +   486d ago
He shared that he felt the same way as the article and people who didn't feel the same disagreed.

That doesn't even remotely justify your little tirade about how no one can not dislike Xbone without getting disagrees and blah blah blah.
stuna1  +   486d ago
People don't agree with the comment, plain and simple! That's what the agree and disagree buttons are for. Seems like you need to grow a thicker skin!

Plenty of times I've made comments that were swamped with disagrees, but I had to come to the realization that everyone doesn't necessarily think the way I do! And to be honest, It's some really cool cats on these boads who don't necessarily agree with every comment I make! Even some of the diehards are cool, and good for a laugh.

But on topic, the PS3 and Xbox1 aren't similar situations! IMO the Xbox1 was a train wreck waiting to happen out the starting gate. Microsoft made a nearly lethal mistake from the beginning that will potentially cost them this generation, they made a product geared to what they wanted! Not to what their fanbase wanted, and they have expended all this excessive time that they don't have, trying to reverse course to a direction they should have been going in from the start, if they had only listened to those who support them! Their fanbase.
GrandpaSnake  +   486d ago
"Both consoles had ridiculously high prices, way above the nearest competitor"

yes, but the ps3 was actually innovating with blue ray and backwards compatibility(ps3/ps2/ps1/psp remote play). they were also pushing it as a super computer. learning how to acces the os was actually pretty cool, something people in the world took advantage of for pirating and had to take a hit and remove some of these features but still offered the premium choice for someone who didn't mind to pay for it. even after they stopped offering BC they still released limited edition like the much sought out for metal gear solid ps3, that offered extra usb slots memory card slots, BC ,upgraded internals, touch sensitive power and eject buttons all in a package in size comparable to the 360.

"Now those issues are dealt with, it’s time for a clear run back to popularity " holy sniping jesus!
what the hell happened to customized consoles, just because you slap a sticker on it doesn't make it special. if it is a custom paint job then i stand corrected.this is slighly comparable to the ps4's that are considered released by sony. they are engraved though but it is just the face not sure wich i would like more...thats why i went for the white destiny bundle sku i would of liked the power up sound to upgraded but thats my point.
user7402931  +   486d ago
The only difference is that they released at the SAME TIME! so as a matter of fact it is NOT true. Xbox 360 was released an entire year in north america BEFORE ps3 even came out and STILL got OUTSOLD. So any assumptions that it's in the same situation will be shot down by FACTS.
DanielGearSolid  +   486d ago

Besides the X1 is getting way more early support than ps3 did (cough cough EA)

Remember Bioshock, Mass Effect, and even a f***** Tales of game were exclusive to 360 at one point
xDHAV0K24x  +   485d ago
it had time to release with features that the 360 didn't. wifi, bluray how can it NOT outsell the 360? AND all those exclusives? c'mon son
Sy_Wolf  +   486d ago
Rocky first year? Try rocky first 3 years. And Microsoft just assumed that everyone would buy their hardware just like Sony did with the PS3. Sony was able to turn it around and sell more than Microsoft so the Xbone isn't doomed. Also, before you say Microsoft shipped more unit's than Sony remember that the PS3 came out a year later.
dboyc310  +   486d ago
Microsoft brand isn't as strong as Sony IMO. I mean there is a reason the PS4 took off the way it did. The reason the ps3 caught up to the Xbox last generation was simply because people hold off for it. I mean both consoles released around the same time and the PS4 sky rocketed to success with no "games". BTW when I'm talking about brand power I'm simply referring worldwide.
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masterfox  +   486d ago
lol this ain't the same, PS3 wasn't a weak hardware ;) and since released the PS3 outsold the 360 globally like every month.

the xbone was 100 bucks higher and 50 % weaker than the PS4, yeah pretty much the same as the PS3 release. lol
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90Supra  +   486d ago
What helped to PS3 bounce back were it's great exclusives coming from their great 1st party studios and a few 3rd parties as well...

That's not something MS is capable of doing......they'll need to find another way

And they don't have the excuse of launching a year later like Sony did last gen...
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wodan  +   486d ago
A 600$ PS3 outsold a 400$ X360 WW from day one while a 400$ PS4 is outseling a 500-400$ Xbone everywhere
With no headstart nor the legandry RROD.the PS3 was more powerfull than the X360 the Xbone is not,so how are they similar?
Majin-vegeta  +   486d ago
2 things that will keep it from ever doing that.

1.MS doesnt have the devs and man power for it.

2.Xbox isn't really a WW brand like Sony is.
Patrick_pk44  +   486d ago
But those were different times, and companies such as Sony and Microsoft should understand what mistakes that should have been avoided, but Microsoft didn't. People won't be so forgiving now a days, I hope Microsoft suffers for their stupidity.
Speak_da_Truth  +   486d ago
Sorry I have to disagree the Ps3 bounced back because Playstation has a world wide presence whereas Xbox is mostly strong in the US and Uk. Also, Sony's WWS is just bigger than what MS has at the moment so its not similar.
stripe814  +   486d ago
Sony did took themselves out of the pit with their exclusives..and lecture programs to teach developers to play around with the cell..
Bathyj  +   486d ago
The worse thing about the PS3 launch was the negativity leveled at it. The blood thirsty Xbox fans and the US centric media were relentless. Its the reason the word FUD was invented.

In reality, PS3 sold quicker from the start. That huge lead MS had acquired from releasing unfinished hardware a year early (more in Europe) started to shrink immediately. Yes slowly, it takes a long time to catch up 8 million sales, but PS3 was always selling quicker.

MS is now about 4 million behind from launching at the same time. Going early was their only advantage and now thats negated, as well as all the other disadvantages they have now. It will take a drastic turn around indeed for them to even sell the same amount let alone catch up.

Sony are on track to sell 13 million plus in their first year. MS might sell 8 or 9. PS3 outsold X360 its first year. I dont really see this as history repeating at all.
Why o why  +   486d ago
Bang on
xX1NORM1Xx  +   486d ago
That was my exact thought when it all happened it was like they swapped roles suddenly 3rd parties were using the ps4 as the lead platform and x1 was getting ports funny how things work but I don't really care I don't play either console a lot tbh
BitbyDeath  +   486d ago
Considering PS3 sold more than the 360 and XboxOne is selling less than the 360 wouldn't that put it somewhere under the rocks?
2pacalypsenow  +   486d ago
difference is Ps3 was $600 and was hard to develop for and xbox 360 was $400 and easy to develop.

100$ is not ridiculous diference and you got a blu ray drive on ps3 vs on xbox 1 you got... a kinect?
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bmf7364  +   486d ago
Spot on, but here's where lines are drawn and erased.

CELL, Blu Ray, and Kinect are all technologies that have been very heavily invested in that affected PS3/XBO price.

Sony was the head investor and innovator of CELL and Blu Ray. Both of which were multi-company, multi-billion-dollar projects. A lot of money was poured into these technologies and the format war did not help the PS3 launch. CELL's development costs will never truly pay off due to lack of support outside of the PS3, but even after the format war (which caused the first PS3 price drop) a replacement Blu-Ray drive for a PS3 is still around $100 (a PS3 is at least $200 now). However, heavy marketing of these "future technologies" did not salvage the PS3. It was a strong lineup of exclusives between MGS4 and TLOU that pushed so many PS3's in the end for sales totals to overlap X360's total last year.

Microsoft, is a different case. Their investment in Kinect has ended up on marketing to try to push this imperfect product by mis-using the Xbox brand name as an all-in-one hands-free living room product that they still repeatedly say is a major part of the XBO(Yusef Mehdi had a remote controlling the stage demo on the reveal of the XBO). Their strategy on Kinect investment clearly failed and will result in Microsoft taking huge loss on this technology. Microsoft's first party may be larger than ever, but their studios' individual lack of support for Kinect (thanks for ruining Rare for a second time, btw) will not help Kinect for Xbox One.

On this note, they seem to be repeating this PR nightmare with DX12. Direct3D is an API not made to get to the "metal" of a system like OpenGL or Apple's Metal. Windows is an OS that has so much going on in BG, the API will never be made to directly tap into the hardware of the XBO and it may give the system and PC's a performance boost, it won't be much to keep up with the PS4's more consistently-updated custom OpenGL.

Overall, instead of marketing on these heavy improvements that say "Here's us keeping up with our arch competitor" that will end up having them nit-pick you live and on stage (literally), Microsoft should instead show us games that make us want Xbox Ones (Halo, Sunset Overdrive, etc.)
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HaveAll3  +   486d ago
I don't care what anybody says but this does feel the same. When I got the PS3 day one I had some friends say why did you get that junk and the exact same thing happen with same friends with Xbox One. All I say is I buy most home concoles if money is avalible becouse I like F@$&ing GAMES.......Its so cool just to hate things these days, shit I even do it when I talk crap about phones I don't like, sad thing is I really don't care.
Shinox  +   486d ago
Absolutely NOT its a completely different situation , No the history didn't repeat itself , First of all the PS3 is a Japanese console designed for Japanese players and the global market not the US specifically
Second , PS3 launched after XB 360 for a year
and third the PS3 power almost looks identical to the 360 add to that the PS3 was the first console that uses Blu-ray technology at that time so there's no need to downplay that and compare it to the failure called XBOX One to satisfy your Instinct fanaticism , just admit it and get over it , stop being slaves for M$ they don't give a crap about you all , the same thing can be said about Sony and Nintendo Just Stop , PS: Stop publishing articles from this derpy site
#18 (Edited 486d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Vantage  +   486d ago
First? You mean three.
Provolone24  +   486d ago
Nope, nope, and nope. I've said it before and I'll say it again: PS3 caught up because of its superior specs and the exclusive games specifically designed by Sony's first-party studios all over the world to take advantage of its better hardware. Sure, MS is finally making a bigger push for games; but you know Sony's studios are gonna bring it. Just look at their 2015 lineup. And if something like the Halo Collection is enough to get you to buy an X1, you probably already planned on eventually buying one in the first place.

So if MS has the weaker hardware and they can even Sony out (at best) in terms of exclusives, what's gonna get them over the hump? Many would say the cloud and DX12, but none of us have a clue how much those will really help the X1.
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snarls200  +   486d ago
the ps3 price was only an issue because nongamers didn't research why the system cost so much
FBC   486d ago | Spam
corroios  +   486d ago
Dude, im so tired of the «wait for something» by the Microsoft fãs. All year is wait for that, wait for this... The PS4 is the new trend.

The Xbox ONE crash before launch. Yes, Maybe a month with Halo the sales in US will be better then the PS4, but that wont change nothing.

PS4 is the first choice of gamers. The sales show that. The gamers want a gaming console, built for games and not a media center with motion controls. That was the plan of Microsoft with the Xbox One. Its true that they changed everything, but its to late to be NUMBER ONE.

They cant change the specs of the machine and the same game on both consoles is just better on the PS4. Yes, we all know that for one team the rez, frames, AA, AO and all the GFX dont matter, but we all know why, because they are all better on the PS4...
RosweeSon  +   486d ago
Said this months ago and if people cannot see it they are blind sided fanboys, xbox one is gonna be the next ps3 get used to it it's not gonna change look at ps3 took them nearly 5 years to turn it around to the point that 360/ps3 are on a par people saw this and decided ps4 was the next step, xbox one is gonna be the next ps3... FACT!! It's gonna be the 2nd place console of the major 2 but I'd put it 3rd as I've got my wii u and would take that over xbox one any day, I'm not against xbox one as such but it's not up to scratch too expensive and the games are average currently, xbox needs to change things round and I'll be happy to sit back and see how they attempt it. Sony had to do this last time and we ended up with ps+ great service can't see xbox being that generous but either way I've got my ps4 day on as it was Cheaper and clearly already from initial reveal the better system, I'm done with microsoft's oh we may do this we may do that, I'll go with a company who just does it, sony and even more so Nintendo, xbox just copy everything off everyone else.
Skankinruby  +   486d ago
The ps3 comparison is a little off. All ps3 needed was a price cut and it outsold the 360 every month for over six years and ended up overtaking it
EverydayGuy  +   486d ago
Ps3 was the cheapest blu ray player coming out. The exclusive was untouchable quality wise. Free multiplayer experience, and apps are not behind a paywall. Sony never left their core gamers like MS did with the Kinect.

The Xbox One lost its mulitplats advantage, and blu ray is the standard. Their exclusive games are yet to be proven. They started with the worse E3 the world has ever seen.
xDHAV0K24x  +   486d ago
they HAD to make it free. how else could they succeed as a start up to the internet gaming space when xbox live had that on lock down? Sony created MOVE so they TRIED. yeah they didn't push it BUT they tried. At least Kinect made MS money thus creating Kinect 2.0 ...Also, blu ray is the standart but digital distribution will take over and THAT will be the standard
xDHAV0K24x  +   486d ago
so isn't that a good thing?
kingtroy  +   485d ago
Lets hope so

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