August’s must-buy PS4 and Xbox One games

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes: "New month, new games. August's list of new game releases, thankfully, isn't too overwhelming, but it's definitely the start of what's slated to be one of the biggest holiday season for video games that we've seen in a long time. For that reason, I've put together a list of the "must-buy" titles for the month -- games that I consider to be worthy of a day-one purchase -- in attempt to save you some money for the coming months."

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MSBAUSTX1303d ago

Metro looks really good. I never played it before so I might pick that one up to tie me over until Master Chief Collection comes out.

KnightsAreForReal1303d ago

I highly recommend Metro. It's a pretty cool FPS

Abash1303d ago

Getting inFamous: First Light

Genuine-User1303d ago

Metro Last Light is fudging brilliant.

brbobcat1303d ago

Is it weird that I'm strangely excited for Hohokum? Also, where is Minecraft on the list

DevilishSix1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Does X1 have any exclusives coming in August or does this list not include any XBL games that are releasing? I see three for PS4 (counterspy, Infamous, and Hohokum).

PS4 will have the better versions of Diablo 3 (TLOU themed content) and Metro redux is not in 1080p on X1. So is it me or is X1 weak in August?

brbobcat1303d ago

I looked at IGN and Metacritics list of August games for Xbox One. I didn't see any exclusives. But they make up for it this fall with Halo: MCC and Sunset Overdrive.

DevilishSix1303d ago

Thanks for checking that out, peace.

MSBAUSTX1303d ago

Metro is at least 60 FPS. Destiny Beta wasn't 1080P on XB1 and I enjoyed it thoroughly still. I want frame rate at 60 FPS and at least HD resolution. If they get it to 1080 P then great, but if the game is awesome and is at least HD with 60 FPS I am happy at this point.

Agent20091303d ago

No love for The Swapper?

Goku7811303d ago

So bottom line, PS4 is where its on and poppin from here on out for those that didnt know.