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Destiny Beta Graphical Video Comparison All Consoles

The Destiny beta has officially ended. So with that in mind, Shacknews would like to offer up a graphical comparison across all versions of Bungie's latest adventure. Watch the video to get a good look at Destiny, as seen on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Take a look and judge for yourself which version looks the best or whether the current-gen versions stand up to their next-gen counterparts. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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xosammyjoe  +   297d ago
love it
DefenderOfDoom2  +   297d ago
Anything on actual gameplay mechanics?
millgate1  +   297d ago
This gen (last gen?) is really holding it's own. I played the Beta on the PS3 and although it's definitely no PS4 Destiny, it still looks great!
jdiggitty  +   297d ago
I agree. I was on the 360 and was impressed. Had some minor frame rate drops during a mass battle w/ a bunch of explosions but that's about it. PS3 and 360 players are in good shape
AllAboutGaming  +   297d ago
The PS4 looks best? I don't believe it!

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madworldps4  +   297d ago
the best version is ps4 version and without ant doubt...

that is my proof...
DDDGirlGamer85  +   297d ago
looks good
staymighty  +   296d ago
gotta do one with 4 bars instead of boxes

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