Minecraft Animal Toys vs Minecraft Animal Mobs - more expensive than the game

Such is the success of Mojang's Minecraft franchise that it has spawned a number of toys which cost more than the actual game. But are they any good and worth the high cost?

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xX1NORM1Xx1180d ago

End of the day people can spend their money on whatever they want regardless of whether or not it's worth the money

SilentNegotiator1180d ago

Excuse me while I try to find where anyone said otherwise.

Vantage1180d ago

What does owning these trinkets achieve?

Codewow1179d ago

Self gratification. Same with me owning lego sets when I was a child.

MeteorPanda1180d ago

holy hell..these are terrible...

Soldierone1180d ago

Anything Minecraft is overpriced. Those foam "tools" from the game are like 20 bucks.... even the cardboard cutout ones....

Of all the Minecraft stuff I've seen the only thing worthwhile (for the price at least) are the torch's that light up.

contradictory1180d ago

why do plastic blocks cost so much?
it's the same shit with Lego stuff these days
they cost billions for no apparent reason...
well, there's a reason: they want money.