Smash 3DS - Greatest Handheld Fighter

Street Fighter? Dead or Alive? Those games never had a chance. Who wants some lame water-downed port of a technical fighter? Now Super Smash Bros 3DS, that's a fighting game that's going to sell easily.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

The opening line is pure flame bait, but it does make a good point worth thinking about: most traditional fighting games have been watered down, whether in big or small ways, whenever a port of them hits the 3DS.
But smash is being built around the system, and by virtue of that, and of the extreme care that Nintendo shows to their franchises on their systems as opposed to how many third parties just do the bare minimum(most, not all) for Nintendo consoles then devote their more serious efforts to others instead, it's practically guaranteed to outshine most, if not all, other fighting games on the system.

I'll still always love street fighter, though. Chung Li was my first and favorite fighting game character.