The Destiny Beta was brilliant, but it has me worried…

VGU writes "Over the last week, pretty much anyone with a games console has been playing the beta for Destiny, the latest project from Halo creators Bungie. Expectations were high and most people have come away from the beta with those expectations met.

Personally, I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t particularly hyped for Destiny due to my utter loathing of the Borderlands series. Destiny just looked like Borderlands with a Halo skin and that was certainly not my cup of tea. Thankfully, Destiny turned out to be so much more than that."

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CaptainTrilby1364d ago

I definitely agree with the hype point. Destiny seems to be so hyped up as this 'next step in gaming' that it can't possibly live up to. Plus, I doubt its longevity. If Bungie don't update it regularly, consider it sunk.

--Onilink--1363d ago

well i dont think that many people are thinking its going to really change the gaming landscape, because its not really innovating that much, its just a really good game that is taking the best parts of many other games and combining them smoothly into a fine package.

I for one am REALLY looking forward to it, but i still see it as just another game doing its own thing, kind of like Evolve

Meltic1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Same hype just like Watch dogs. But this time we have actually get a taste of the game. AND its ok not perfect but ok. There is much more better titles coming soon but this will keeps me buzy until oct/nov.

Paprika1363d ago

But what a game if its supported with constant, regular dlc! And bungie will likely focus on destiny as it did halo.

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DxnnyB1363d ago

This game gets hype because everyone loves a game that can fit to anyones play style. Bungie set up open world areas to just roam around looking at the amazing landscape you're in and killing dregs with one shot headshots. And if you're a hardcore enthusiast of the game you are going dive deep into the game and love every bit of what bungie has developed.

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The story is too old to be commented.