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Submitted by Tody_ZA 557d ago | opinion piece

MGS5: The Phantom Pain Can Benefit From David Hayter Absence

EGMR writes: "Perhaps you’re wondering why I would be revisiting an old topic such as this (read that in a Bane voice), and the reason is because I’ve just spent the past two weeks reliving the best moments of my time as a gamer by playing through the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. I’ve been told that I’m ‘incessant’ in my worship of Metal Gear Solid, which is my favourite game. I’m playing the series again to not only recap before The Phantom Pain, but also to revisit the game series as an older, wiser, more critical and more experienced gamer. The one issue I didn’t really comment on regarding The Phantom Pain was that of the voice actor situation, and I wanted to revisit the issue of David Hayter being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland now. But it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve discussed an issue like this, as I also debated Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil’s replacements in Batman: Arkham Origins." (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Twiggy  +   557d ago
It sure can, if he comes in near the end as a Solid Snake taking on Big Boss at the end, one can dream right?
Tody_ZA  +   557d ago
That happened in the original Metal Gear games :D I know Solid Snake has accelerated aging, but it wouldn't have been that fast! Best we could dream for is a cameo :P Unless Kojima does end up doing something crazy and brings elements of Metal Gear in.
Twiggy  +   557d ago
Or the screen cuts to black, credits roll, after the credits "Year 199#" and boom, you're in a certain someones shoes, Kojima's a nutter, he can do it just fine dude!
Yi-Long  +   557d ago
I just want an option to play with the original Japanese voices.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   557d ago
Oh yeah, because like an 8 year old child is gonna have a gruff voice. LOL
Twiggy  +   557d ago
Hey, he's the Clint Eastwood of the video-game world, obviously he'll have a veteran's voice, sporting a mullet, and having his way with "older" woman.

This is Snake, not you we're talkin' about here.
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CobraKai  +   557d ago
I won't be surprised if you hear David Hayter say "Metal Gear" to Big Boss in the after credit dialogue.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   557d ago
Oh, did calling you out on Snake being a child at this point in time sour your precious mood so much you need to resort to insulting people? LOL
Sorry for pointing out your flawed logic, must suck to be wrong so frequently. :(
I wouldn't know the feeling though.
CDbiggen  +   551d ago
I'm pretty sure he means there could be a scene at the end, set during the 90s when mg1 takes place. Not voicing a 12 year old solid snake in 1984.
jnemesh  +   557d ago
Hayters gonna hate....

(sorry, I had to do it!)
hkgamer  +   557d ago
When I first heard that hayter was being replaced I did feel sad, but after a while I noticed that kiefer is alright. Also played through the mgs games and noticed that mgs solid snake had the best voice. Others seems a little comical.
-Foxtrot  +   557d ago
I wouldn't mind Hayter being replaced if it was a good replacement like Richard Doyle but Kiefer Sutherland...come on. He's awful as Snake, he puts no effort into it.
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user7402931  +   557d ago
i want david hayter in the solid series most def
CobraKai  +   557d ago
I do disagree when he said that because of the darker and tragic story of MGSV that Hayter would come off as charming. MGS4 was dark and tragic and Hayter pulled it off with the emotion and dispair I haven't seen in Snake before. Same goes for his Big Boss in Peace Walker. I like Keifer, I almost wish they have him redo Big Boss' voice for MGS4, but I do think David Hayter could have pulled it off flawlessly.
Donnywho  +   557d ago
Maybe Big Boss died next to The Boss before he even became Big Boss.

Maybe the accelerated aging process was first realized while rushing to create a presentable clone of Big Boss.

Nah... but you know he's gonna mess our heads up with this Phantom Pain.
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BABY-JEDI  +   557d ago
MG5 benefit from David's absence. My Azz
I guess it could benefit Kojima since he has been wanting to retire for a while and since he's intentionally making this game shit with all of his decisions then it's good news for him. This way he can retire by just crapping all over the franchise so people wouldn't want anymore rather than just trying to leave it on a good note like he tried to do in the past.
yokokoroma  +   557d ago
As with most things like this, you can tell who the true fans are. Hayter's voicing of Snake (Solid and Naked) is what made Snake, his voice was just as important as the gameplay. Anyone who says other wise is completely delusional. Of course Hayter couldn't play all versions of Big Boss, as was demonstrated in MGS4. The fact being that it was a very very very very old Big Boss. However, that is not the case for Phantom Pain, this takes place right after Peace Walker, in which Hayter did the voice of Big Boss.

Sutherland's portrayal of Big Boss is abysmal. The author actually states that no one can gauge his performance as Big Boss in Ground Zeroes, really? Ground Zeroes provides more than enough time to hear how he portrays Big Boss. You could gauge his voice acting ability for Big Boss from the trailers. The ploy is simple, Kojima dropped Hayter for Sutherland in order to get into Hollywood. His fascination with American culture is borderline psychosis.

I mean look at Phantom Pain, Big Boss riding a horse like a doesn't get anymore American than that. In all honesty, it looks exactly like something from Red Dead Redemption. The only difference being you can hang off the side of the horse, which is something that was present in Shadow of the colossus. The greatest respect one can get is from being different.

Hideo Kojima once had that respect, but with his recent revealings of his blind fascination with American culture, mainly that of hollywood, it's apparent he wishes to conform to American standards for his video games. Thus, he is now a follower rather than a leader.
PurpatraitorMGS  +   557d ago
A true fan wouldnt complain.
mochachino  +   556d ago
Sutherland is terrible, it's like he's doesn't take the character seriously at all.

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