Strategy Analytics: The Pressure is on Microsoft

Research firm Strategy Analytics claims that with the PS3 now launching the pressure is actually on Microsoft to convince consumers and loyal PlayStation gamers to "switch camps." Ultimately, the firm sees Sony trouncing the competition with over 120 million units sold by 2012.

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bullet4381d ago

Microsoft has nothing to worry about...The sooner people actually get to play the ps3 the sooner they will jump ship to xbox360....All they need to do is play GUNDAM. Iam still pissed about that game,what a joke..

Marty83704381d ago

R:FoM will have gamers buying PS3 in there droves.Also loads of great PS3 to come out shortly like DCM4,Heavenly Sword,Motorstorm,GTA,Metal Gear Solid 4,Resident Evil 5,Virtua Fighter 5,Final Fantasy XIII and others.

CG4380d ago

You dont even have a ps3 and RFOM but yet you talk like you do. Just STFU because nobody actually takes you seriously your a joke.

Thugbot1874380d ago

Resident Evil 5 is going to be on Xbox360 so is GTA and it's not exclussive to PS3. :) DCM4 might port over later as capcom is making all its titles cross platform.

bullet4381d ago

you better hope so:) from what i have played on the ps3 I can honestly say it is all crap so far....And by the time these games you are talkin about finally come out my ps3 will be long gone on ebay

TheMART4381d ago

Shouldn't be so hard to convince Sony fanboys

Best next gen game out there:

Gears of War.

COD3, the best one on 360.
RR6 is better then RR7 --> 360

Live online is unified on 360, non unified on PS3.

The GPU of the PS3 is weaker with a Nintendo like coverup of the supercharged GamecubeWii

@ PS3fan, Resistance has lower scores in reviews then Gears. Resistance is nothing more then COD3 with aliens. COD3 on the 360 is a very nice version. I foresee that Capcom could be bought by MS in time (to secure Dead Rising, Lost Planet and get games like DMC4). Oh yeah Resident Evil 5 is also on 360, as is GTA4.

FF 34534436? MGS4? VF5? Sequel on sequel on sequel.

Give the new innovative games, like 360 now has many of!

DJ4381d ago

"Players accustomed to the 360 version will notice that many of the reflections on the court are sharper, and player models are much more detailed. In fact, while we were shown the game in 720p, we were told that the game will actually run at a maximum resolution of 1080p at a full 60 frames a second, and the development team is working hard to make sure that is included in the final product. What's more, they're fully attempting to utilize as many SPUs as possible, with one processor solely dedicated to the cloth physics of every uniform, another to sideline character models, a third to AI behavior on court and so on."

"Visually, NBA 2K7 has been taken up a notch, particularly in how the game is rendered. According to Thomas, the way the PS3 renders pixels gives its overall look a richer appearance when compared to the 360 version. From a personal standpoint, it looks much more organic and lifelike -- and if you thought you were watching a realistic game on the 360, just wait until you see it on the PS3."

Or this statement from Factor 5:
"It's amazing to work on the most powerful real-time hardware platform ever created without having to worry about porting to other systems."

power of Green 4381d ago

I can post 2 dev's opinions that say other wise for every one you

Munky4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Don't even bother with DJ. Sony fans are very desperate to hear any good news about the PS3, notice how he disregards all the other multiplatform games that have been reviewed, not to mention the other launch titles. It's sad, it really is. Like I have said before, Sony'PS3 fans remind me of a battered wife, they just keep blindly coming back for more abuse. They fail to see all that Sony has done, but you can't really blame them cuz they are human, ppl just do what they know, and a lot of ppl know Sony/PS2. But at some point you gotta start using common sense and really take a look at a situation and re-evaluate things. But I don't see that happeneing anytime soon, which is the reason why Sony will probably win again, it just proves how closed minded ppl are these days.

DJ4380d ago

because they've already been stated. There's no point in repeating what's already been posted.

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DJ4381d ago

3 million units behind their sales projections, so yeah, the pressure's definitely on. Microsoft's fate depends on how fast Sony can put hardware in the hands of consumers, not the other way around. With so many amazing looking (and very secretive) titles coming for the PS3, 2007 is going to be a hell of a year.

Naughty Dog project (untitled)
Ratchet and Clank
Heavenly Sword
F1 Championship
Eight Days
Virtua Fighter
Devil May Cry
White Knight Story
Unreal Tournament

And there's still a bunch of franchises that haven't been addressed yet, like God of War, ATV, Socom, Sly Cooper, Jak, etc.

eques judicii4381d ago

no one has ever said that FFXIII or Killzone are coming in 2007

testerg354380d ago

Yeah.. I think FXIII is like 2% done and not slated till 2008. No news in regards to Killzone.

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