Face-Off: The Last of Us Remastered

Striking at the opportune moment, Naughty Dog's award-winning The Last of Us is now available to PlayStation 4 owners in remastered form - giving both newcomers and double-dippers alike a chance to play the game in lush 1080p at 60 frames per second. For impressions of how the adventure holds up on next-gen hardware when played from a fresh perspective, be sure to check out our earlier tech analysis from Digital Foundry chief Richard Leadbetter. In this article however, we'll be addressing the returning crowd; indeed for those who loved the PlayStation 3 original, is there enough here to make the game's campaign worth another play-through? Is there more to it than just a resolution and frame-rate bump?

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Wizard_King1364d ago

Should this not be SPAM or DUPLICATE articles already, even if it is a new comparison from a new website it's the same crap over and over again.

Without even clicking on what I am sure is a pretty crappy article (euorgamer lol) I can tell you that it looks better on PS4.


Please stop approving this trash.

SniperControl1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Jeez dude, we get you wont be getting TLoUR and i understand your reasons not to, but you seem to be trashing it in every TLoUR article that appears on here.

As for approving trash articles, how many GTA 5, Titanfall or Watch Dogs(not saying these games are trash)articles appeared on here during there release. That's just the way it is, big games releases will always generate interest.
I remember when TF came out, 6-7 out of 10 articles on here were TF related.

Pixel_Enemy1364d ago

This video just proves that the PS3 holds it's own and that TLOU was a masterpiece on that system. They look really similar. The PS4 version has less jaggies, smoother frame rate and higher res textures but they are still closer in comparison than most cross gen titles.

dmonee1364d ago

Digital foundry has been doing face offs for years. In my opinion they are the best at it.

ichdich1364d ago

Looks the same, not worth buying.

PlayableGamez1364d ago

The 60 frames does give TLOUR a smoother experience.

HeWhoWalks1364d ago

I never realized that 720p/30fps looked like 1080p/60fps. /s If it's not worth buying, don't buy it then.

PaleMoonDeath1364d ago

Man, my cough is REALLY getting to me today

"Cough" DLC "Cough"
"Cough" Left Behind "Cough"
"Cough" Multiplayer "Cough"
"Cough" 1080P "Cough"
"Cough" 60 FPS "Cough"
"Cough" Highest rated game of ALL time "Cough"

MasterCornholio1364d ago

1. It looks better.
2. It plays better (30FPS vs 60FPS)
3. All the DLC.
4. I never played it before.

Yep seems like its worth buying to me.

StrawberryDiesel4201364d ago

Well, it plays incredibly smooth compared to PS3. The real achievement here was the 60FPS. Naught Dog are so talented it's scary, can't wait to see what they do with Uncharted 4! Xbone only gamers keep hating, you will never see games of this technical quality.

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Lawboy21364d ago

Just picked my copy up....first time playing...fingers crossed for greatness.....we shall see

PaleMoonDeath1364d ago

Close the blinds, stock up on munchies, have a good one bro!

Lawboy21364d ago

Thanks man....still in the beginning when there driving in the car

UltraNova1364d ago

Do tell us though 30fps or 60fps mode? Based on the DF face off 30 fps sharpens almost everything due to the added shadow effects...

Goddman my copy is a week away :-(

PaleMoonDeath1364d ago

Less talking, more playing.

I expect no reply to this dude!

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