Destiny Beta Review – The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful | Metro

The Destiny beta is finally over but what new have we really learnt about Bungie’s blockbuster-to-be, and what questions remain?

The Destiny beta is now finished. As with the alpha it ran almost a day longer than it was supposed to and, in the end, was open to everyone. Although there’ll probably be some kind of new preview at Gamescom next month that’s the last most people will see of the game until it launches for real on September 9. It was a substantial beta, but even though a lot of the content had already been in the alpha it still worked as a very comprehensive preview of the final game.

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shinrock906d ago

I can't really disagree with the this article.

Douchebag696906d ago

Let's assume that every World has one or two maps with an "explore" option. That's quite a bit. I mean the one in Russia had several areas that I couldn't even get to because of the terribly advanced enemies in the way. I'm sure there's lots more to see and I wish people would just quit griping about it already. Just wait for the full version.

strickers905d ago

How is joining friends in any way awkward?
I agree with some of the article.
The people saying the game won't be big enough, and then saying it should like Halo,need to realise that this will be the largest game Bungie have ever made.