Sony Prioritizing PS4 Features That Make Them Money, No Windows Phone App Planned & More

Sony are working on a lot of new features but not all of them will come anytime soon. Also, there are no plans to release a windows phone app.

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Jaqen_Hghar1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Whaaaaaaaaa? A man thought they'd be prioritizing charity causes why would Sony need money? Just fire more people Kaz then you don't need moneyz!

ramiuk11306d ago

i think the first console that annouces mkv,dlnasupport will get a huge boost in sales ,so they should focus on whats gonnamake them money .
if MShave full on dlna support(not the crap they have now)
i want full file support with DTS etc then i will buy a xbone for that alone

OrangePowerz1306d ago

I don't think so. The amount of devices every person has at home now that can do all of that stuff is quite high. Any semi modern HDTV playes video files directly or connects to other devices at home via WiFi for streaming content.

DragonKnight1306d ago

You're equating your own desire for mkv and dlna to being the desire the average person, indeed even most core gamers, have and you simply can't do that.

These are gaming consoles, and before someone chimes in with "no they're not, blah blah blah features were advertised, blah blah blah multimedia," these consoles have always had the chief focus be on games and gaming. Multimedia features are NOT some standard that's been around forever on consoles that should be expected, they are a bonus meant to entice the lazy who continue to cry about space in their entertainment center into continuing to be lazy and pay money for convenience.

I'm of the opinion that enough people have their consoles in the same room as their PCs or laptop and use those devices for their multimedia needs anyway because they perform those tasks far better than any console.

Mr_Writer851305d ago

"i think the first console that annouces mkv,dlnasupport will get a huge boost in sales ,so they should focus on whats gonnamake them money . "

Stopped reading there.

No they won't.

mixolydian_id1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

To be fair the reason it hasn't been implemented is probably because they're both planning to do something special.

With locally stored Music/video files...

They will want to Snap, music, albums, Video files, folders, Repeat, Shuffle, skip, volume controls. Including a decent thought out interface with VLC library of codecs, EQ presets/manual would be amazing too.

Then throw in auto-download officially signed artwork.

Integration of server based storage in the home network, connecting to numerous tablet, PC, Mac, Android systems etc.

Then we suddenly realise it's not as straightforward as you might first think.

Smart glass integration to all of that...

Although I love the traditional music players found in the 360 and PS3, I want to see new fluid feature sets, innovation, flawless integration and simplicity as a result of greater thought.

I want MORE functionality and control then ever before.

I imagine he who reveals first... will be out-done by the competition in the months following.

DLNAsupport is such a vague title. Give us true media functionality

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truefan11306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

You would be surprised at how many ps4 fans believe sony is some sort of charity rather than a business.

MysticStrummer1306d ago

Please provide one shred of proof that anyone believes Sony is a charity.

user74029311306d ago

you shouldn't be surprised how many people actually take you seriously. :P

Sevir1306d ago

And I'm not surprised to find you in here, I'm sure you feel MS is some charity organization though! Lol WOW 4 other misguided and illinformed zealots agreed with your delusions. Lol

SniperControl1306d ago

"You would be surprised at how many xbox fans believe MS is making a profit from there xbox division"

LordMaim1306d ago

You would be surprised that some people think that building a great console and giving the customer what they want aren't mutually exclusive.

UltraNova1305d ago

I would be surprised if you finally commented on Junes NPD results...

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Mystogan1305d ago

Weird that there's no Windows Phone app planned because Sony is going to be releasing a Windows Phone soon.

SaveFerris1306d ago

It makes sense not to waste resources developing for a smaller userbase but perhaps if Windows phones become more popular in the future then Sony may decide to make the app. I would still like Sony to continue to work on bringing the features they mentioned at launch though.

Darkstares1306d ago

What makes sense for Sony is having a walled garden which explains why they positioned the music service first before allowing MP3 playback on the PS4. They want you to BUY content through THEIR devices.

Sony's number one goal is to be profitable. The PS3 bled them money and they are not in a position financially to take those kinds of hits anymore.

SaveFerris1306d ago

Can't argue with that. Sony does need money, as do we all.

C-H-E-F1306d ago

Ehh I had hopes for my windows phone welp.. thank God I have my Comcast mobile hotspot and my vita because without that well then i'd be a sad ps4 owner for sure... HAHAHA Gaming tens of miles away :D.

SpinalRemains1381306d ago

The app is for things no one uses.

Millions have iPhones and PS4 and they aren't missing anything.

ocelot071306d ago

Speak for your self SpinalRemains138. I use the messaging system on my phone app a lot. Also every Wednesday when the store updates 9 times out of 10 am nowhere near my PS4 infact am usually out of the house. So I can have a peek what is new on the store. If there is a new demo or DLC or game on there I simply buy it and download it via my phone. So it is ready for me when I get back.

ramiuk11306d ago

there not missing anything,the app is just a link to mobile site anyway,its the crappest app ever.

extermin8or1306d ago

It is a link to the ps store yeah, but all the other stuff like watching videos, sending messages, viewing notifications and friends lists and trophys etc are all done in app... it's not that bad an app could do with some upgrades though.

mrmack001306d ago

Yeah, it works well enough for me. I can download the free PS+ games from work, which is all I ask.

johndoe112111306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

If you actually had the app you would know that what you just said is a heaping pile of cow manure. The only thing that is a link is the psn store and live from playstation, everything else, notifications, messages, friends list, second screen feature, trophies, profile editing is done in app. No idea why you would make such a deceitful statement. Worse yet, people are agreeing with it.

joeorc1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


Really? I find it very hard to believe you , that you have even used the App, at all. Because 1, that app. Is not just a link to a web page store. There is quite a bit more to the app. Than that.

ramiuk11306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

to all my replies
lol u find it hard to believe i have the app???
i have had a ps4 since launch day i love it.
the app is crap and its as simple as that.
its slow,clunky and just crap.
yes obviouslt some things are done in app but poorly.
when u compare it to other apps its very poor and needs a complete overhaul .

maybe i dont wear tinted goggles and although my consoel of choice is ps4,they still need to up there game in many areas

johndoe112111305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

This has absolutely nothing to do with tinted glasses. This has to do with your hypocritical and exceptionally deceptive statement that the app is a link to the mobile store. You lied, plain and simple.

If you had said initially that the app needed some improvement because it had certain issues then that would have made sense, but you didn't. You painted the app to appear to be something it isn't and then you get defensive when people call you out on your BS.

Your statement was false, no matter how you try to spin it. Your above comment made way more sense than the first one. I agree with the slow part but that doesn't make the app crap. It does exactly what it was designed to do but it does need some work in terms of responsiveness.

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jnemesh1305d ago

"Perhaps if Windows phones become more popular"...BWAH HA HA HA HA HA <gasp> HA HA HA

How many years do we wait for THAT??? WP is an unmitigated disaster that BURIED Nokia! It has less than 3.5% market share worldwide and is LOSING ground to Android and iOS. It's no wonder Sony "has no plans"...they don't have plans to support the Palm Pre or Symbian either!

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gamer78041306d ago

Sony has never been quite the software company like microsoft, so this makes sense.

Bathyj1306d ago

Unless you count games as software.

gamer78041306d ago

Sony has great First Party Studios that make some of the best games. When i spoke of software i was really meaning apps and os.

Sony has improved on that front, just not as quickly and effectively as Microsoft.

XiSasukeUchiha1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Or apps as software, but I want to know what's Sony up to.

DeadRabbits1306d ago

Why waste resurces on Windows for phones? May as well make a Symbian version!

Clown_Syndr0me1306d ago

If Sony want to make a quick buck, implement a name change system like XBL has had for years.
Think, if that happened in the next update how many people would pay for a name change. All those people who picked ridiculous names when PS3 launched, all those people who are just bored after so many years...they'd make a fortune that day and lose absolutely nothing.

C-H-E-F1306d ago

5$ each time you change it it increments 1$ man they'd make tons... but i'm keeping my name had it since Socom on ps2... EVERYONE KNOWS CHEF :d for well I am the original HAHAHAHAHA