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Submitted by globeofgamers 557d ago | opinion piece

Destiny needs a lot of DLCs to survive

Destiny’s beta has just ended, but some clever folks managed to extract from the game’s code the fact that Destiny will only have 32 story missions, 23 strikes (co-op) and a number of other activities resulting in a total of 148. While the game isn’t finished yet, how many mission do you think Bungie could add in the few months left until release day? Not a lot more. Our speculations are that those missions, combined with the arena mode of the game could keep gamers in the loop for almost six months, after that the game will be almost done for them. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Snookies12  +   557d ago
Six months? Look, I absolutely loved the beta, but hearing that you'd only reach level 20, only have 32 story missions, and possibly only 1 raid? That's just ridiculous. I might as well wait for the game to drop in price, so I'll have more to do when DLC comes around. Since I already played a good portion of the game in the beta period... I reached level 8 in one sitting, I'd be finished within a week if this stuff is true.
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globeofgamers  +   557d ago
Yes, I was disappointed too. But the game is awesome, so I'll pick it up regardless.
ZodTheRipper  +   557d ago
Same here, PSN Guardian Edition Already preordered, I don't understand gamers these days... Destiny will have (one must be stupid to doubt that) more content at launch than any CoD, Halo or Battlefield ever had. Some are even calling it repetitive even though it's the most diverse shooter in a long time.
morganfell  +   557d ago
If you played the beta then you know there is far more to advancement than a level number.
Blacktric  +   557d ago
I played the beta and absolutely loved it. The only gripe I have with the game is the level 20 hard cap. They should've made 20 the soft cap (the last level where you'll unlock something that's levelbound) but still allowed people to level up beyond that just to show off.
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kazuma999  +   557d ago
Uhhh ign shows u can get pass lvl 20
BiggCMan  +   557d ago

Well sort of. From what I understand by that, you can't actually level up through normal experience and killing enemies/beating missions.

But rather once you get to level 20, there is certain gear that increases your level with something called light.

So for instance if I have this chest armor and it increases my level to 22 or something. But I take it off and i'm back at 20?

It's not very clear, nor does it make much sense to me, but we'll see how it works. Point is, it seems that without that special gear, the cap is 20 for XP based leveling.
THE-COMMANDER  +   557d ago
Well i can understand your concerns, but why can't people wait for the game to officially release and we get to actually experience the game in its final shape and then we decide if the game is short or does it need DLCs to survive. But the way i see it is that everyone including websites judging this game by its beta which is absolutely wrong, this is not the purpose of the beta, the beta is just a brief taste of what to come.

I really hope to see less articles with this type.
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OrangePowerz  +   557d ago
Didn't the extracted data show story missions and weapons for above level 30?.
HammadTheBeast  +   556d ago
I don't know about above lvl 30, but there's definitely missions above 25+.
joab777  +   557d ago
Its an mmo...ive been saying that for a long time, despite bungie's stark denial.

This means that they will have a full team behind this game even after launch. Hopefully, as Activision stated, we get continuous support with content patches etc. Then, some dlc or an expansion in a year.

This must be the road they r traveling...and thats fine.
bganci  +   557d ago
I will pick up this game regardless but i was really hoping for more story content. PvP has a lot of content with 15 maps. I hope there is more content we don't know about.
GrimWykydtron  +   557d ago
I'll pick it only because there will be no othertgames that I care about >.<

Also 20 lvl is max U get from killing/questing, U can get to level 30 collecting something called light but its not clear how that system will work...
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Sokol  +   557d ago
Unfortunately after playing the Aplha and Beta extensively I have to agree, Destiny retail copy will be bare bones offering.

The ridiculous prices that push to 100$ for few extra features are indication of worse things to come.

I honesty had a great time with the game but I believe Destiny will be major player in breeding gamers wallets with every month or two in DLC costs.

Extra armor, weapons, ships, customization options, etc. Make no mistake Destiny is an MMO, covered in first person mechanics.

Im not looking for that type of game. If I want to play an MMO, excellent Final Fantasy 14 would be my decision.
thunderbird86  +   557d ago
Judging from the 8 activities out of the 148, and you've figured out the entire vanilla game? Wow, you're good. While there will be DLC to help maintain the MMO aspect, it won't be anywhere near the cost of a sub fee. Why can't you play more than one MMO at a time? Especially two that are extremely different from each other.
averagejoe26  +   557d ago
So after playing the alpha and beta you're all of the sudden knowledgeable about the retail release?

Alpha and beta... You keep using those words... I don't think you (or thousands of other gamers, apparently) know what they mean
Drekken  +   557d ago
You figured out what the final game offers based on a beta? Could you please let me know tomorrow nights winning lotto numbers?
VileAndVicious  +   557d ago
So much destiny hate...
harrisk954  +   557d ago
I am not sure... i loved the beta -- had a lot of hours of fun -- but i am between Destiny and Diablo next month... any suggestions of which game to go with?? anyone else having the same issue trying to decide?
Rob Hornecker  +   557d ago
Heres my game plan.....1 game a month.

Diablo in august and Destiny in september. Both are great games!
Douchebag696  +   557d ago
It's articles like this that have the potential of destroying a perfectly good game with bad hype and supposed facts. You won't know for sure until the game actually comes out in full. Just enjoy the damn experience.....geez.
Shadonic  +   557d ago
You realize leveling was sped up considerably right ?
JeffGUNZ  +   556d ago
You can get higher then 20, they want people to be able to have the opportunity to gain gear too. The main leveling will be when you are at 20, gaining motes of light and obtaining rare and uncommon gear/weapons to level higher.
Tedakin  +   557d ago
Yeah news that there are only 5 areas diminished my hopes. This is not a big game. And level 20 being the cap is a bit nuts. I hit level 8 in the beta in 2 days.
Breakline  +   557d ago
The leveling was sped up, and the game isn't about leveling your character. Levels are meant to signal to other guardians your progress through the story, I believe. The real leveling is in the sub-classes. Did you level up your entire subclass? I don't think anyone did. There were some crazy abilities like shields after sprinting for a short time, boost to all stats, etc.
Randostar  +   557d ago
I almost had my Warlocks floating ability maxed.
Mikelarry  +   557d ago
"The leveling was sped up" most people missed this statement.

i have concerns about this game, but i am willing to give it a try on full release before making my judgement as i really enjoyed the beta. there is not much out that interest me for the rest of the year so i can afford to bite the bullet on this
Kalowest  +   557d ago
"The leveling was sped up" Really???
The lvling and exp pay out in the Destiny beta was trouble! Hopefully its fixed in the retail release.
joab777  +   557d ago
Trust me. There will be more to do in this game than Halo, CoD or Battlefield ever dreamed of.

Most level caps are meant to be hit very quickly. Its the endgame content that keeps a game alive. Did we get a look at some of that gear?
Mr-Dude  +   557d ago
Don't bother, people will have there verdict ready before the game is out already...

It's amazing how many hate this game is getting, only because some "datamining"
GrimWykydtron  +   557d ago
Mikelarry - leveling was faster in alpha not in beta...
thunderbird86  +   557d ago
Just from playing both of them, I'd say that's not true at all. Alpha leveling felt slower to me.
Shadonic  +   556d ago
nope sped up for both we just got a slight bit more to get leveling wise
objdadon  +   557d ago
The level"20" means nothing! You'll still be leveling up your character, getting upgrades, unlocking new powers and abilities and weapons!
Rob Hornecker  +   557d ago
Oh Yea,just like BF4's level 130 cap! The level "20" cap means nothing. It doesn't make you a better player in the PvP mode. Just as in any cod or battlefield game ,a level 130 player can have a bad match just as much as a level 10 player can!

You make a strong objdadon! Thank you for bringing it up!
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GrimWykydtron  +   557d ago
huh ? events like iron banner have realesed block on levels and upgrades so level difference is huge deal... also better weapon = easier MP as regular MP only blocks weapon upgrades and dmg not fire rate etc and that changes everything...
rogimusprime  +   557d ago
Sounds like you all are b!tches. Honestly. You don't know anything yet since the game isn't final. I don't care how many disagrees or bubbles down I get, I've been on this site for 8 years and I can't believe how entitled and spoiled people seem. Bungie said they will have people working 24/7 on this game.... for years. How many story missions is enough? How long is 32 Missions? Probably best to reserve judgement until you start reading reviews.
Mr-Dude  +   557d ago
Don't bother....
mrmonk  +   557d ago
I agree 100% wait till you play the full game then say what you think about it,,,,im looking forward to it enjoyed the beta to hope they put more customizing options in the full game
JeffGUNZ  +   556d ago
People put in 40-80 hours on the beta, with less than 10% of the total content of the game. I think adding 90% more content will be plenty. People only read the bad news. Bungie stated "the beta is roughly 10% of the content in Destiny. You barely scratched the surface." Bungie is a solid studio, that's all the comfort I need from them.

I'm so tired of the entitled attitudes. They said EACH campaing is the same or BIGGER then the entire campaign of Halo Reach. That's 4-5 confirmed right now. Game is $60, how much do some people expect. This game is going to be a constant evolve for 10 years. You're not getting everything up front people@!
Breakline  +   557d ago
This article is ridiculous. Let's start from the top.

First off, dlc stands for downloadable content. So when you're talking about a lot of it, you never need to say dlcs. It just makes you look stupid. DLC. That's what it's called.

Second, the article's whole premise is based off of an EXTRACTION of code from a BETA.. there's no telling what the actual game will really have. It could be right, it could be wrong. There's no need to write a click-bait article.

Third, what does he/she/it mean by "survive"???? That's the most ridiculous thing here. Bear with me while I do some math. By the author's OWN ESTIMATION, without dlc, this game will last people 6 months. 6 months. Playing an hour a day for six 30 day months means you'll get a mind-blowing 180 hours out of this game. Sounds to me like if that's true, people will realize the value and WANT to buy the expansions. And how many games with 10% of that play time not only survive but THRIVE?

This is amateur journalism at best and a complete waste of anyone's time. I'll leave you with this quote from another article here. This is for you, snookies12.

"Beta was water wings. Level 8 is nothing. You barely scratched the surface, and it seems like some folks had fun with what was there. " - a Destiny developer

Level 8 is NOTHING. Stop worrying and just wait for reviews or buy the game yourself. Anything else is a waste of your time.
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aconnellan  +   557d ago
"First off, dlc stands for downloadable content. So when you're talking about a lot of it, you never need to say dlcs. It just makes you look stupid. DLC. That's what it's called."

Thank you! That's what I came in here specifically to say. The word content itself can be plural, so you wouldn't say 'downloadable contents', it's just 'downloadable content'.

In all seriousness, nothing against OP - you never know till you know, and now you do :)
joab777  +   557d ago
How can anyone disagree with this.
ScottyHoss  +   556d ago
The three E's. Entitlement, elitism and ego.
Rob Hornecker  +   557d ago
This reminds me of the level cap setup on BF4. The cap increases with each DLC release.

I loved the destiny beta and even with its limitations at the start.I will be looking forward to its release. As for DLC,one has to only look at Bungies track record with the Halo series. I have never played a halo dlc that I didn't like!

My hope is that bungie will keep the dlc going after the 2 announced DLC packs and not just make another destiny game every couple of years. Kind'a like borderlands 2 did,just spread it out a little more than they did. Too much dlc at once does NOT make a better game!

Oh and Bungie keep the DLC affordable!
Breakline  +   557d ago
The expansion packs are supposedly going to be $20 each and there will be at least two. They are rumored to be an incredible value.
joab777  +   557d ago
It has no limitations. No one complains when CoD or BF hav a 4 hr story mode and 12 mp maps.

The level 20 is meant to be hit in days. This is an mmo. The majority will come chasing end game gear.
NZLAnonymous  +   557d ago
But people do complain about COD and BF short campaigns...

No limitations? , WTF are you on about?

Every game has some kind of limitations...
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danowat  +   557d ago
A level 20 cap makes sense from terms of balance to start with, considering it's an MMO.

I am sure that cap will be removed (probably via pay DLC, but that's another discussion).
thunderbird86  +   557d ago
Has anything official been released about the level cap or is it just what people are thinking because you can only buy level 20 items in the tower? I've seen mention of level 26,28 and 30, but people can't seem to stop talking about a level 20 cap, that's not been officially stated.
Paprika  +   557d ago
So you can hit level 20 during the beta..... I guess the guys at bungie will not have noticed that, right? So I guess 'beta' is you guys playing the final retail version. I can almost gguarantee the game will have heaps of dlc for years to come.
danowat  +   557d ago
No, you couldn't, the beta had a level 8 cap
Clown_Syndr0me  +   557d ago
If a game NEEDs DLC then its obviously inadequate to begin with and we as consumers shouldn't be supporting it.
Devs will continue to release full priced inferior games, with the intention of selling us content that should of been included from day one.
joab777  +   557d ago
So WoW, FF14, Guild Wars 2, P lanetside 2 and on and on are all inadequate?

Even the content listed is more than most games ever have to begin with. Ppl dont get it. They said that the level cap is meant to b hit in days, like many mmos. Its what happens afterwards that will take u months and months to get through.

And the reason they r using dlc etc. is b/c they LISTENED to everyone and chose NOT to hav a subscription. But they will keep a full team on this game ALL the time.
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   557d ago
Theyre not £50 to start with are they?
This will be one of those game# that has £10 DLC adding 2-3 hrs of gameplay. A WoW expansion is about £15 (its been a while i cant remember) and adds countless more hours.
Oh and if you reached level cap on WoW or GW2 in a couple of days then you need to reevaluate your life.
english_learner  +   557d ago
I want expansion packs like in world of Warcraft,I don't want to pay for stupid Dlc's like in call of duty...omg wow 4 multiplayer maps for only 11.99£
TheBoy  +   557d ago
Destiny's PVP will be dead once Halo MCC drops.
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The Meerkat  +   557d ago
I've had the same feeling but dismissed it as my inner fanboy trying to get out.

But maybe my inner fanboy is correct.
DARK WITNESS  +   557d ago
I don't know if dead is the word I would use, but I can see some people picking halo over it.

when I played the alpha, I thought it would be all I need for PVP for a while.

After playing the beta, it has completely changed my mind and now I think I will be going back to halo more.

After the update in the beta, the PVP went from feeling almost perfect in terms of connection/lag to getting the same crap issues I see in other online shooters.

Please it became very clear that your gear and weapons can make a massive difference in PVP and when having the dominant weapon is down purely to RNG gods.. thats when I take a step back.

I have a bit of a timetable on what I do at home... I don't want to be breaking up my time because I need to be on destiny between this hr and that hr because of some exclusive event with some uper OP weapon!

I am usually not one to complain about stuff like OP weapons, but I am competitive. I just like an even playing field. I don't even mind stuff being level or class locked, because I know I just need to hit that level and I am good. However when it comes to people running around with a weapon they got from a random drop that destroys everything else... anyway, that's that.

with Halo I know everyone is starting on the same level with me
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BadMF  +   557d ago
I will still compare this game to defiance..there's so many similarities.
While I loved defiance, after story missions it got boring really quick..there were also respawning enemies and "random" multiplayer encounters,and while entertaining at first, just got boring quick.
I loved destinys beta, but after these news, I'm waiting for a pricedrop/first dlc to see if bungie also drops the support like defiances devs or if it is indeed a excellent game.
SaveFerris  +   557d ago
I'm sure Bungie and Activision will provide plenty of DLC to Destiny.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   557d ago
Of course! They want our money :D
Palitera  +   557d ago
And this is exactly why the initial content is so limited.
frankiebeans  +   557d ago
game over promised and showed us nothing special just a coop game.
Jeff257  +   557d ago
I absolutely loved the Alpha and the Beta. I put nearly 38 hours across my three characters on the Beta and I wanted to keep right on playing. The only thing that stopped me from playing the last day of the Beta was the fact I had to work. I still don't get these articles. has everyone forgotten that Bungie has a 10 year plan for Destiny. This one game is only the beginning. We already know about 2 expansions that will come sometime after the full game. Also they have said there will be new things every day in the game. This isn't like some other games out there where you will get only a few map packs to tie you over until the next yearly release. This is a franchise that will allow us to take a character we create across the entire franchise. There was an article just last week on IGN where an engineer at the company talks about that. If people don't like the game fine but stop bad mouthing it because people assume it won't last or that Bungie is somehow greedy when they will be working hard to create new expansions and bigger sequels for the next 10 years. Never before have I ever heard of one company being that involved in a brand new IP.
terrordactyl  +   557d ago
I will buy it simply because my PS4 is desperate for a new game - I've only bought 3 games since release.

I enjoyed the beta, but 4 areas is too low.

anyway, nothing else to play until November, so I will buy it. If it came out 3 years from now I might skip it
Qwagy UK  +   557d ago
More like it needs a lot of free content to survive!
masterfox  +   557d ago
the beta was awesome, but the recent rumors and news directly from Bungie are horrible :/

I have bought like 3 to 4 DLCs in my entire gaming years, really not kidding, I definitely will not support DLC anymore and sadly Destiny looks like is going to be flooded with it.
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mahmoods26  +   557d ago
There's a reason its called a beta. Stop jumping to conclusions.

A lot of people complained that the Russia area was small but it was in fact huge. You got six missions out of it that took you to different parts of the map each of which exhibited a different scene in the same setting.

Overall 32 story missions and 23 co op missions is a huge amount of content. Consider that the Beta had one co op mission that was basically epic.

I don't get it. This would be more than enough content for a single player game but because it's an MMO you won't play it? Stop trolling.
NiteX  +   557d ago
Old Russia is huge, but I guess without a map it's hard for most people to tell.
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Jubez187  +   556d ago
Dude the game comes out in pretty much a month. The game is finished. Stop with this "it's a beta." The beta is for quick feedback and bug fixes. You must not play many betas.
JeffGUNZ  +   556d ago
apparently you don't. Betas come with specific BUILDS. Meaning, you have no idea what was taken out or not included in the game. Old Russia could have side missions, more main story missions, and activities that were not put into the BETA BUILD. A lot of companies take basic parts of games to test specific aspects of a game. You think Bungie put every area, every activity, every encounter in Old Russia in that beta? Come on man.
Mackonthemoon  +   556d ago
Complaining about six months worth of content? That's much more than most games. There are big AAA games that I can beat in a few days and if there's no multiplayer then that's it. Plus Destiny has DLC confirmed. If all else fails there will be new game releases to hold interest until DLC drops.
Jubez187  +   556d ago
People up in arms about "six months" but they buy Assassin's Creed and Watchdogs that last about 15 hours. lol.

I said it since Day 1 though that I wish it was pay to play. At least you're guaranteed content.
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objdadon  +   556d ago
Lol! I put in over 80 hours going from 1-8 with one character! Not even scratching the surface with opening up all character abilities! I would've put more time in if I didn't have to work! I didn't even care about this game or know what the hell it was before the beta! I have no worries on my end. Can't wait!
LordofPwn  +   556d ago
300+ Hours of gameplay just isn't enough for a $60 FPS. urgh I'm so angry!

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