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PS4 system software update 1.75 is live

The latest PS4 firmware update is now live, bringing 3D Blu-Ray support to the console. (PS4)

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JoGam  +   369d ago
Wow. Tonight was a great night. First TLOU LIVE, Then the release of the game and now 3d playback for movies.
UltraNova  +   369d ago
Good, now feedback people try it and let us know how the ps4 performs (I cant wait to get home in 8 hrs...)
heisenberguk  +   369d ago
Tested it for a few mins and it works great!
choujij  +   368d ago
I was wondering what 1.75 featured. I too was prompted upon booting up to play TLOU. I'm glad they added it, cause I've got a 3D TV which needs some more 3D love.

Btw, TLOU in 60fps is oh so sweet. I was curious about the 30fps lock and switched once to try it... Heeeeelll no. I switched right back to 60.
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showtimefolks  +   368d ago
sony i want to be able to use my external hard drive on ps4 to watch videos and stuff, we had it on ps3. why is it taking so damn long on ps4
THC CELL  +   369d ago
great update happy, as much is i game on my console i dont mind kicking back and watching a movie now and again
Ares84HU  +   368d ago
Same here. I do actually watch 3D movies a lot. In fact, I only buy movies if they are 3D now. It comes with regular 2D version anyway so.

Now, all we need is audio file playback and all video playback and to see when friends sign on and off.
Minute Man 721  +   368d ago
What do you think about Noah releasing in 3D worldwide today except here in America? Disney has Ratatouille 3D out in Europe http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rat...

But not in the States, that's wack
Ares84HU  +   368d ago
I think it's a bad business decision. I will import it from Europe in that case. I got a few movies from Europe anyway so it's not a big deal.
wsoutlaw87  +   368d ago
thats very strange. I wonder why.
english_learner  +   369d ago
Better than nothing.
But It still sucks, in 2014 there are no friends notification.
I dont know when the last time my friends were online.
Parapraxis  +   369d ago
Why would that matter?
KwietStorm  +   368d ago
SonyPS4  +   368d ago
It wouldn't matter if you have no friends.
0P-Tigrex  +   369d ago
If anything, make it possible to select which friends you want notifications to appear. The last thing I wold want is countless notifications of all of my friends going on and offline.
TM333  +   369d ago
No doubt. It always would interrupt watching movies and shows with the family. It takes away from the immersion.
BG11579  +   369d ago
That's actually on the spot.
A notification that would be able to configure would be awesome.
Which groupe of persons, playing the same as you, or not at all when you're watching a movie.
That would be pretty sweet.
k3rn3ll  +   368d ago
Honest to god im not trying to troll. But Sony could duplicate Xbox version of notifications and Id be good with that. Especially the on off switch
spacedelete  +   369d ago
i hope they never bring in friends notifications as its just annoying and i don't like the feeling i'm being noticed of going online by my friends. i don't want to seen as a game addict.
Magnes  +   369d ago
I don't mind if they put friend notification in as long as I can turn it off. I don't want to know when my friends are popping on and off while I'm watching a Movie.
Revengeance  +   369d ago
You do know you can sign out of your PSN account and play offline right?
KwietStorm  +   368d ago
They're doing the same thing as you, at the same time..
Utalkin2me  +   368d ago

Then just sign out before playing your movie
Gamble20  +   369d ago
You know every single time Sony updates the PS4 firmware there is someone saying "I don't need this. I want X feature..." And then a bunch of people pile on asking for that feature. Later, after Sony releases a new firmware that adds the feature, the comments here are "Okay but what I really want is Y". Sony can never win in the firmware game. Someone will always want something it doesn't yet have. We all know it will eventually get friend notifications and media features and it is good that as fans we apply pressure but for once can we actually be happy when they do add these features rather than immediately slam them because they didn't add the one you perceived to have priority?
GhostTurtle  +   369d ago
I don't see anyone complaining here. Friends notification has been something folks have been asking for since Day 1.
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MoonConquistador  +   369d ago
Well said Gamble. It's a human trait to take your eyes off what you get, or what you've already got as your focus is entirely on what's missing or what you should have got.

@Ghost - maybe you should look harder. English_learner complained that Sony hadn't already implemented friends notifications. Which in turn sparked a debate on wether they were good or bad (split opinions on that too)

So in summary, Gambles observation was entirely correct, at every single firmware upgrade. I'm just unsure why Ghost decided to add his tuppence worth when it's clear from the comments that not everyone has been waiting on friend notifications
UnHoly_One  +   368d ago
That's typical of anything like this.

You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time.....
jwm2  +   368d ago
Remember back in the day when you bought a console and what you got was as good as it was ever going to get? I don't recall ever hearing any complaints about features it didn't have. You just played your games and that's all that was expected. Now people complain if it won't play all of their media in the exact way they want it. As a general media device these things are great. You can still buy a BluRay player to play movies in 3D, you don't have to use your console to watch them.
ziggurcat  +   368d ago

Yeah, it's kind of like this:

solid_snake3656  +   368d ago
Well here's the thing, certain features should have been their day 1. Like dlna, wallpapers/dynamic themes, folders, notifications, 3d movie playback. All these things are on the ps3
Pekka  +   368d ago
@jwm2: People complain because for example as a media player PS3 is much better than PS4. Even after this update it is still so. People complain because a lot of people used PS3 as media player and PS4 is still completely worthless as media player. Heck, for a lot of people PS3 is still a lot better than PS4. So I understand completely those complaints.

And probably some people say that Sony has promised those and those features for PS4. I don't trust big companies at all, no matter whether it is Sony or MS or Nintendo. Companies lie all the time so feature just doesn't exist on console until after it is released. If feature you really want doesn't exist, just don't buy the console.
k3rn3ll  +   368d ago
I would assume more people would want friend notifications first. Im not an avid 3d viewer, but I would imagine most that have a 3d tv already had a capable player before ps4. I understand there are some that might have just bouhht a new 3d tv since they got ps4 and are waiting to buy a player, but that is a very small percentage compared to those that would like and or us the notifications addition
wsoutlaw87  +   368d ago
@Solid You can say you wanted them there day one but the really didnt need to be. It doesnt make any difference that the ps3 had them becuase they worked on the ps3 os for a long time. It didnt even have in game xmb when it launched. Its not like the ps4 is built off the ps3 os so its irrelevant. I dont think anyone would have wanted the ps4 delayed just for music. I dont need my playstation to play music.
showtimefolks  +   368d ago

but could we please get features that ps3 had for sop long on ps4? like external harddrive support for media files?
UnHoly_One  +   368d ago
Xbox One didn't have it for awhile either, but they finally have it right.

You only get the notification for the people you want, and you can set it up so you don't get them at all while watching video.

I would imagine Sony will implement something similar at some point soon.
k3rn3ll  +   368d ago
Id be fine if they just copied the xbox version of it.
wsoutlaw87  +   368d ago
ya thats good because the 360s notifications were very annoying during movies.
DeadRabbits  +   369d ago
Epic! Keep pouring on that gravy thick and sloppy SONY!!!!
EmptySkyForm  +   369d ago
SniperControl  +   369d ago

Basically, what he is saying is, that the PS4 is perfect as it is, anything extra is gravy.
mmcglasson  +   369d ago
Why did he get so many disagrees? I'm assuming because of all the illiterate people that can't comprehend what he was insinuating?
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jwm2  +   368d ago
I can see why people might disagree. You might put gravy on things you don't like and the thicker it is the more covering up it does. Only the OP knows the real answer.
user9558903  +   368d ago
I don't think there is any correlation between literacy and being able to understand somebody's made up sayings. Chode
Good-Smurf  +   369d ago
That's great news for people with 3D HDTV sets.
To me not much to get excited for except that they improve the sound quality at 1.5x playback speed.
I'm still waiting for media playback,you know anything that are not BR,DVD movies,I wanted FLAC and other high res audio format support but considering Sony took their sweet time releasing new update...well CD playback and MP3 is enough for the start...DLNA too.
Deadpoolio  +   369d ago
Guess you'll just have to keep watching your stolen movies on a PC/PS3 or 360.....They aren't stupid there is no rush to add DLNA because a retarded 5 year old knows it's only pirates in a huge hurry to get it
drpepperdude  +   369d ago
Wow I use it for just that...
spacedelete  +   369d ago
i can tell for a fact the PS4 is already capable of watching pirated movies as i do it myself through the web browser. i'm actually surprised how easy it is.
jwm2  +   368d ago
"Locks only stop the honest people from getting in", my grandma used to say.
Pekka  +   368d ago
A lot of people wanting all of these features are not pirates. You can buy legal digital movies or music on internet, you know? I have a lot MP3 music and digital movies (completely legal) and I would also want to play CD:s, DVD:s etc. Right now, PS4 is missing so much that it isn't worth buying to me. There aren't even that many games, and almost all of them ports, so there is no hurry buying PS4.
chaosx  +   369d ago
Did they forget to add it to last weeks stability update?
Funny after all the "its easy to develop on the PS4" stories , it seems the the UI is pretty damn hard to develop for..

where are all the promised features from a year and a half ago….
UltraNova  +   369d ago
Do you know whats really funny? I heard the other day that some trolls escaped Mordor!

Hmmm I wonder where they run off to...
Insomnia_84  +   369d ago
"Funny after all the "its easy to develop on the PS4" stories , it seems the the UI is pretty damn hard to develop for.. "

Clearly, you have no idea of what you're talking about. Your comparison is plain dumb.
Gekko36  +   369d ago
Insomnia_84 - Well chaosx does have a point. FreeBSD is at the core of PS4 as well as Apple OSX. very stable but for software development, their tools as slow, cumbersome and WAAAAY behind the times.

Say what you like about the competition, but their app dev tools are excellent. I should know I use both eclipse / Rational Tools and Visual Studio.net on a regular basis. The difference in speed of development is staggering. It is what it is..
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Hk85karlsson  +   369d ago
A lot of them was there from the get go.
Microsoft had to do multiple updates just to catch up.

MS announces 3D playback. Sony gets it first.

Conclusion? Xbox gotta be harder to dev for. Right?

Of course not, but if you want to keep the discussion at that level, this is the result.
Death  +   369d ago
Unless you are in the update early preview program. Both companies released the long over due feature that should have been ready day 1 at the same time to avoid the other having a perceived edge. I don't think it is unreasonable for this generation to have built on from what was already established. Many assumed the features we all used last gen would be included when the PS4 and Xbox One launched. Why both companies decided to start from scratch on the feature list is beyond me. It was a long generation and plenty of time was available to get these things done.
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FanboyKilla  +   368d ago
ms had to catch up? lmfao my xone does, and has from the beginning, waaay more than my ps4. it isnt even comparable. why you cant admit it? hey i can admit ps4 can do 1080p. its like as advertised, all in one, and the other plays games in 1080p.

this is the first update in a long time that actually added something for the user, so i wont complain about how i have a 3d tv that i have never used for 3d anything. i know some of you do. i thought that 3d failed, except to boost movie ticket prices. maybe i better buy me some glasses, and uhhh some movies. i wish the games were in 3d though, i would be a lil more into that.
drpepperdude  +   369d ago
Sony really needs to work more on there firmware. I was playing the last of us after around an hour and a half when it finished downloading and was starting to get into it. After playing for an hour this update I care nothing about(1.75) popped up and started downloading while at the same time bringing this smooth 60fps down to a crawl. It literally was lagging around 5fps completely unplayable until the update finished downloading. This is not the first time this has happened either. I remember when I was playing a different game a few months before and the same thing happened when I was playing and a system software update started downloading. Sony needs better software engineers or something because this issue bugs the hell out of me.
Cryptcuzz  +   369d ago
I was doing the same thing you did around the same time and didn't notice any lag whatsoever.

Why would a download of a firmware, that uses a dedicated chip to download in the background, hinder performance in a game that isn't developed with that dedicated chip at all in the first place?

Troll better please. 60 fps lagging all the way down to 5 fps? Yeah....cool story bro :/
drpepperdude  +   369d ago
Yeah I'm not trolling it really did start lagging and I quit the game installed the update and no issues since. The update said it was preparing to install and my game lagged until I quit the game. Never happened with patch downloads only twice with firmware updates. I have also had it were I had no issues while dowloading an update so I don't know what caused it. I have footage of the game lagging bad from the first time I had this issue when I was playing a different game. But not of when I was playing the last of us because I didn't push the share button to save it this time. But yeah I could upload it to youtube if you don't believe me but it is the spider-man game that looks really bad on ps4.
drpepperdude  +   369d ago
This is what was happening to me in the The Last of Us. But I didn't record that footage so this is what happened in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when an update came out which is the same thing that happened to me earlier in The Last of Us. https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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hkgamer  +   369d ago
even if drpepperdude was lying and trolling, you being a dick about it is just wrong. he has now provided a clip with him playing spiderman2. if this video is real shouldn't you apologise?

i know you have done the same thing and nothing at all similar has happened to you. but you should understand that not every ps4 is exactly the same. it is mass produced with lots of different parts, some with wierd faults are bound to happen.

you seem like every other sony fanboy here that gets overly defensive if anything negative about ps4 appears. do you really think every negative thing is from a troll and it didnt happen?
Hk85karlsson  +   369d ago
Maybe you have a bad box?

I was pushing my PS4 pretty hard the other day, (in a room where the temperature was around 34 degrees celsius/93.2 Fahrenheit)

I was playing BF4 (64 players) for 4 hours while downloading several updates and nada, null, zip happened to the game itself.

So I don´t believe you. The PS4 has a dedicated chip for background tasks. Why would that bother the rest of the box?
drpepperdude  +   369d ago
I don't think it's a bad box when everything else works fine. But I might upload spider-man footage of the lag the first time this happened to me. I don't think it has a chip for background tasks but a couple of cores locked for it. I think the share button might use a dedicated chip though.
Stapleface  +   369d ago
This doesn't happen a lot it seems but I was playing COD the other day with my cousin and he was downloading the map packs for it. While the downloads were going on the game was lagging. Not online, but single player, even the UI was a little laggy. So your not the only person this happens too. It definitely should not happen though. I have never had it happen on my ps4. But having seen it happen myself, very recently (Saturday), I can say for sure it does happen.
welly300  +   369d ago
Don't upset ps4 fans :-)
Zenith4k  +   369d ago
Okay apparently this is the last of the updates for 1.7 until 1.8 comes out after games com, does anyone will they be changing the ui or what what will be coming
opproject  +   369d ago
they'll add more media related stuff mp3 support and such..
SynestheticRoar  +   369d ago
Keep them coming. There off by alot.
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RosweeSon  +   369d ago
So xbox has 3d playback... Uh -no sure it's coming but not yet sony haven't had to update every month as they put the bulk of the features in from the start, Next!
HugoDrax  +   369d ago
Xbox does have 3D playback, if you're in the early preview program. As for the general public, it hasn't been released to everyone yet. I know, I updated my xbox one last night with the updated features. I'll update my PS4 later today when I get time to play TLOU.
G20WLY  +   369d ago
^Sure Hugo, and Uncharted for is playable RIGHT NOW...if you happen to work for Naughty Dog!

If it's not released, it's not released. No need to defend XBone, 3D support is definitely coming eventually, we know that, but it's not here yet.
WitWolfy  +   369d ago
Zzzzzzz... Zzzzzz... Thanks Sony for a feature the "majority" lashed out for. Was a good thing you ignored those "minority" MP3 requests... You sure showed them....
opproject  +   369d ago
the updates ain't over dude, just wait lol are you dying to play some mp3 on your ps4 or what? don't you have a smartphone, pc, laptop, bla bla? lol you really bought A GAMING CONSOLE TO PLAY MP3? LOL WHY U NO STICK WITH PS3 THEN LOL
WitWolfy  +   369d ago
Actually I just want to stream or uPnP it from my XBMC server to my PS4 while playing Multiplayer games like I did when I still used to game on my 360... And the sad thing there is, that feature was there since launch..

Now you as a fanboy might not had the knowledge on how to do this on lastgens consoles but I assure a lot of other gamers do, me myself included. And used it religiously.

All and all I dont need my PS4 to be a media server for movies or anything like that but I'm not talking for all PS4 owners. Its a wanted feature.. A more wanted feature than 3D thats for sure...
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gamercologyst  +   369d ago
and you buy a Gaming Console for movies?

i've buy the ps4 with the hope for some hardcore HARDCORE games with challenging , time dedication , learning curves , Longevity and also HArd games.
And not cinematic experience , Hand Holding Crap , Dumbed Down gameplay , linear , regen health , objective marks and other casual noob features like all of y'all are demanding.
JimmyDM90  +   368d ago
Clearly you've never played MLB the Show if you don't know the power that custom soundtracks can have on a game. Once you've won the pennant on a bases clearing, walk-off homerun as "we are the champions" blares on the stadium speakers, you'll understand.
GrimWykydtron  +   369d ago
oh god someone downvoted u ? sonybots are still strong i see... since day 1 there was no real ps4 update, just stability crap and things no one wants... but fixing share or giving us mp3 player that 95% of users want is big no no...
opproject  +   369d ago
share factory, pre-download, 3d support... new headsets support... what updates has xbox one? ofc x1 has more updates because it has more to fix, ps4 is a perfect gaming device from day 1, M$ is still trying to understand what x1 is
RosweeSon  +   369d ago
Xbox updates weren't exactly better battery charge and hard drive space? Well that's a waste of an update as it should have been there from day one, yeah Microsoft have been free flowing with all the updates... Nothing to do with then wanting to be on the market same time as ps4 and rush releasing their system to be on market at the same time just without the features now patch patch patch , it's all well and good some games have patches on day 1... But then you look at nintendo very rarely get a day 1 update let alone an update at all, oh because they take there time and make sure everything works first. Microsoft could update it every week of the year it wouldn't make it a better console unless it's actually new revolutionary stuff, youtube Facebook. Wow! My 360 does it but yet again Microsoft rush release and just wanna patch everything up, you can only patch something a certain amount of times before it becomes an utter bodge job. An extra month or 2 would have killed them? Couldn't have been any worse than there current sales conditions. Hey ho.
Goku781  +   369d ago
The Playstation onslaught continues!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   369d ago
So true my friend.
ANIALATOR136  +   369d ago
Would much rather have MP3 support. It better be coming still
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   369d ago
I can't stand when people suck the sweat off sony and Microsoft . It's 2014 ! 3d play back should day one . Same as playing your own music and movies or more friends notification . More how the 360 does it . People act like sony and Microsoft are gods and everything they do we need to be thankful for . We'll we did pay $400 & $500 on a console that's suppose to be the future and powerful the least they can do is add last gen stuff .
#13 (Edited 369d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chaosx  +   369d ago
That's what I meant to say ! Good work !
DanteVFenris666  +   369d ago
Honestly I'm more concerned about games. I have an 800 dollar PC And it doesn't make the updates that sony and Microsoft do(oh wait it's windows so it is Microsoft). Also it's way weaker then my ps4 really regretting not building my own. So as long as good games release I could care less
hkgamer  +   369d ago
honestly should have been day one.

sony should have no excuse to release this so late after launch. however, im pretty sure most people with 3d tv has a bluray player that supports 3d.

i dont have a 3dtv so i could care less about this feature. however, for the people who has 3dtv and is currently keeping their ps3 only for the sake of 3d playback can now be glad that the ps4 suports it.

im just waiting for the features that i will use
guerojose  +   369d ago
Sweet. Judging from memory, 3D Prometheus loads a lot faster than PS3. About 80 seconds from insert to the disc menu, past the FBI warning, etc. Another 20 seconds from Play to movie start. Lovin' it.
guerojose  +   369d ago
Decided I should time it: 250s and 29s, respectively, on a PS3 (Day 1 Phat).
ThatEnglishDude  +   368d ago
Why would you be watching Prometheus in the first place?
CloudRap  +   369d ago
Themes themes themes THEEEEEEMMMMMEEEESS!!!!!!!
funkybudda  +   369d ago
nice, now there will be less bitching and moaning...
VanDamme  +   368d ago
I'd like to think there will be less bitching and more moaning...
mixolydian_id  +   369d ago
Couldn't have MS beating Sony to 3D Blu-ray playback now could we?
EvilWay  +   369d ago
It is already out on Xbox I thought?
thexmanone  +   369d ago
Well MS all ready beat Sony, since they had it with there last update.
mixolydian_id  +   369d ago
I think the XBL update program lets updates be tested a month in advance. The official update isn't "out" yet but it'll roll out next month.

It's kinda funny.
There's talk of DLNA support soon too.

I wonder who'll get there first? and Just when will external drive support come to PS4?
CoLD FiRE  +   369d ago
The Xbox One already has DLNA support in the form of the "Play to" feature. The current implementation might not be full DLNA features but it has been there since launch and it worked almost perfectly when I streamed videos from Windows and Android devices.
okmrman  +   368d ago
the OS for my PS 4 is bland as hell
shadowsmoke36  +   368d ago
You dont have a ps4 your stating from a ps3 standpoint. And yes I have both a ps4 and a xbox one so troll harder.
hasj1990  +   368d ago
When the hell are they going to fix the PS button not working on the PS4 controller when using it on the PS3.

Its annoying that I have to have both PS4/PS3 controllers turned on just so I can get out of a game and go to the XMB
ion666  +   368d ago
I dont even have a 3d tv soooo the update meant nothing to me. guess i gotta wait until the apocalypse to get my mp3 support. I'm trying save money over here but damn do i love playing some hardcore metal playing bf4. Sony I've paid enough. SHYT!. I'm kinda of salty right now.
CobraKai  +   368d ago
Some blu ray I have stutter during playback. I hope this issue gets resolved. Or is it just my ps4?
Minute Man 721  +   368d ago
Damn I hope it's not your PS4
SonyPS4  +   368d ago
Finally the noise is going away. Now with the more important features like user ID changes, custom themes, PS1/PS2 BC, anything a little more gaming related is welcome.
Minute Man 721  +   368d ago
Now I don't have to move my PS3 around from bedroom to living room just leave the 3 or 4 on the 3D tv. Nice
Devilbringer  +   368d ago
Gotta love these updates, keep them comming i'll say :)
Vyktar  +   368d ago
lol ps3 sucks xd
SocalBeer  +   368d ago
Having remote play issues after this update . Connection problems even when using direct connect from 2ft away. Yesterday was fine across the apartment ..
Hk85karlsson  +   368d ago

Long time since there was a major update? Its not that long since we got Sharefactory (which is miles better than Upload Studio) and with that update followed some great features as well.

I´m not a blind fanboy. But I would sure like to see you try to "kill" me.

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