Most disappointing next-gen games (so far)

The first year mark for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is getting closer with each day passing by. Since the two consoles have seen the light of day, it has been a complete war between Sony and Microsoft, a war fueled by the so-called fanboys. While there’s no certain winner, and I’m sure there won’t be one for a couple of years, it’s pretty simple to spot the most enjoyable games so far, and the ones that made gamers cry.

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globeofgamers1452d ago

Why? Because Watch Dogs is leading the list?

GTXZME1452d ago

No because of murder soul suspect.

Wizard_King1452d ago

TLOU, as much as last gen could handle and not nearly next gen enough HD or not. The trees still look terrible and the AI is still dumb and deaf and the shooting enemies still have unlimited ammo to compensate for this.

SpringHeeledJack1452d ago

Titanfall, ryse, watchdogs are my top ones so far.

3-4-51452d ago

This New gen has been ok, but nothing great so far.

It has great potential but not every game will live up to that.

2015 is when we really get to see if this gen is going to be as good as we think it can be.

By 2016 we WILL KNOW.

Mikelarry1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

in what way (for conversation sake not putting you on the spot or anything) because as i enjoyed it I want to understand from other people perspective as to why they didn't enjoy this title or were disappointed with it.

I didn't enjoy watch dogs at all, it just rubbed me the wrong way, the character just felt bland and i couldn't not connect to care about his story. ubisoft has killed any remorse i might have had to allow the franchise to grow on me with the yearly release and dlc before the game even launches. i understand other people enjoyed the title good for them it just was not to my preference

Rickgrimes951452d ago

I was a big fan of infamous, have been since the first one but second son did dissappoint me a little regarding the binary choice system which did not change the story or pretty much anything. Example: (Spoilers) when Reggie is about to die whether your evil or good he still says he's proud of you and I killed a lot of civilians on evil he wouldn't be proud of me other then small things like that I still very much enjoyed the game even though the side missions were pretty weak

Mikelarry1452d ago

@ rickgrimes95

good reply. SS was my first game of the franchise i ever played so i didn't go in with the expectation of the past infamous games and how much loved they were so i see where you are coming from

UKzZBULLET1451d ago

I did enjoy the story of infamous but the city was lifeless and the fighting was repetitive. And powers didn't WOW me.

Funantic11452d ago

Infamous, Killzone, Knack, BF4,

stuna11452d ago

Why am I surprised you picked the majority of PS4 titles to list!? Perhaps becase you're a _______, fill in blank! I'm sure I could do the same by listing Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, but what's the point if I don't have a Xbox1? In others words what's your point!

ScottyHoss1452d ago

Is A$$H0LE the word you were looking for?

UKzZBULLET1451d ago

To be fair I own both so I'm not a fanboy...but I agree with funatic1. But Xbox one has some disappointing games too ryse and for me titanfall. Because Titanfall becomes so boring so fast.

Rimeskeem1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I find knack very underestimated

And based on pure amounts of hype I have to say titanfall

MysticStrummer1452d ago

I can see Watch Dogs and Thief, but I don't remember much hype about those other games.

Wizard_King1452d ago

I don't see how either of those games can really be called next gen to begin with. Seeing as both games are gimped to fit on systems that only have 512mb of ancient RAM, the game is still stuck with the lowest common denominator development cycle.

We are really yet to see a fully finished truly nest gen title on either console yet.

MysticStrummer1452d ago

"We are really yet to see a fully finished truly nest gen title on either console yet."

Agreed. People always seem to forget how things work at the beginning of a new generation. Most of the time the early games are nothing compared to what starts showing up in the 2nd and 3rd year. Even games like Killzone, Infamous, and Ryse, which all looked very nice, are still very basic in terms of gameplay and are going to be bettered fairly soon.

n4rc1452d ago

I'd say watch dogs..

Not because it was terrible, I still enjoyed it.. But it was a huge disappointment for what it should have been

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