Planet Xbox 360: Kung Fu Panda Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Everyone has heard the phrase, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. At some point, though, you see so many terrible books of the same genre you cannot help but shudder when you see the next one. Such is the case with Activision's take on Dreamworks' latest computer-animated effort, Kung Fu Panda. While it is hard not to immediately lump it with the long string of marketing-fuelled garbage, the game turns out to be a great reminder why all of us should give something a fresh chance before casting it to the wolves.

The game follows the same basic story as the movie, but never makes the mistake of assuming that you have seen the film. You play the role of Po, a panda convinced that he is a great Kung-Fu fighter. Things get interesting when an old sage grants Po the title of 'Dragon Warrior', seemingly in error, at a Kung-Fu tournament featuring the five best fighters in the land. Po then has to convince the five fighters, their leader, and himself, that he is deserving of the title. It is a well-told story, with a great sense of humor thanks to the inclusion of Jack Black on vocal duties as Po. While the rest of the film's main cast is missing, if there was no film to compare it to you would have no complaints, as the voice work is solid throughout."

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