Watch The Last of Us' Hilarious "Alternate Ending" Sung (and Laughed) by the Game's Cast

The legendary "alternate ending" of The Last of Us, originally filmed during a performance capture session at Naughty Dog, was performed again, with some hilarious variations, during the The Last of Us: One Night Live show by actors Troy Baker (Joel), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Annie Wersching (Tess) and Merle Dandridge (Marlene) even if Wersching was doubling up as a firefly guard and Johnson just had to lay there and try not to laugh too much.

Do not watch if you haven't played the game. Heavy spoilers included.

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Abriael1334d ago

For once I agree with one of your comments.

GeofferyPeterson1334d ago

Whoa, I'm taking a screenshot of this!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1334d ago

This was so fu**ing awesome hahaha. Troy Baker is amazing at everything he does. Amazing guy.

leemo191334d ago

This was awesome to watch, Troy Baker has a great singing voice.

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