Druckmann saves 'special scene' for after The Last of Us One Night Live stream; internet rage ensues

GameZone: "So tonight, on the eve of The Last of Us: Remastered's release, Naughty Dog and Sony hosted a special show: The Last of Us One Night Live. It was basically a re-enactmenet of key scenes from the game featuring the voice actors who brought the characters to life, and directed by Neil Druckmann. It was pretty amazing to watch, even if you had to tune in online.
But you know what? The mood was spoiled when it was revealed that those in attendance of the event were treated to "something special" that those who had to watch from home wouldn't be allowed to see."

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-Foxtrot1422d ago

Felt like such a F U to had a stream, why not keep it on to show us.

Its like when they pull this shit at comic con, showing trailers and clips yet not showing people who cant attend. Agents Age of Ultrons clip for example

JoGam1422d ago

Calm down people calm down. I'm pretty sure there's a good explanation.

Debaitable1422d ago

I'm assuming that with the recent talks he had at SDCC that this is an epilogue direction he had not settled with yet. If it was meant for everyone to see it would have been included with Remastered addition.

The talks I was mentioning which I read elsewhere is someone asked TLOU2 @ the Q&A. Druckmann passed the question to Sam Raimi who said if there ever was a sequel, he preferred Druckmann continue Ellie & Joel's story line.

I have yet to play the game so no spoilers!!!. I stopped playing once they announced the remaster.

Debaitable1422d ago

Well if you want to see those clips then attend Comic Con. Most people go out there way to make sure they attend an event that sells out quick so I don't see why they can't get something special.

Entitlements. Ha.

-Foxtrot1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


Yeah because people who live half way round the world are going to be able to casually go to comic San Diego. That's excluding travel expensivea and all thay jazz

Entitlements? Wanting to see something open to the public when it was being recorded anyway.

Here we go, because it's NaughtyDog nothing is going to be said....but god forbid if it was anyone else, people woild be just as ticked of. Just because they are a good studio dosent mean they can do no wrong guys.

Debaitable1422d ago


And what gives you the impression that everyone at Comic Con is locals only? You don't think people from your side of the world don't attend? Should the champion of a fighting tournament share his winnings because everyone tried their best?

Just because it's unfortunate for you not to go, people who are attending shouldn't suffer your same fate.

That's life, get over it.

itBourne1422d ago

I agree with both sides, for you attending, especially if you are dedicated enough to set it up and travel a long ways, then why not reward the fans. To the same extent, they were already streaming.. so why stop it, or why say anything about it.

I got a feeling it will be released at some point though, I doubt that is the only time it will ever be shown, willing to bet its been set up when and how to release it.

Deadpoolio1422d ago

Why exactly are there so many people that clearly need to Google the word teaser, well either that or learn to read/listen....There is a reason 99.9% of the things shown at Comic con are called teasers..They are meant to tease not show you anything more than a tease....

-Foxtrot1422d ago

Most of the stuff shown off at comic con were not small teasers, they were actual footage from the films or series.

elhebbo161422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

@Deadpoolio you cant argue with dumb*sses

Silly gameAr1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Foxtrot, no offense but you are such a drama queen with your comments. I'm sure whatever it was will be be up for all to view eventually, regardless of what Druckmann asked.

chrisarsenalsavart1422d ago

@foxtrot, stop being so bloody dramatic. People who bothered to attend the show had something extra and that s only fair. That s all.
Naughty dog has better things to do than upsetting their fans.just be patient and I m sure it will come on YouTube pretty soon.

MeliMel1422d ago

Yes, I knew I wasnt the only one who felt like that about Foxy.

Just let it go.

HeavenlySnipes1422d ago

People that took the time to be there in person should be able to have a special experience

I don't mind it

crusf1422d ago

Fox once again you've proven that you rarely think before opening your mouth. -_-

sinncross1422d ago

Eh, its a nice surprise for those who attended. Lucky them.

The description sounds great. My life aint going to change because I never got to see it..

Joe9131421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I do not think the scene was a big deal if they would have teased TLOU 2 I would be pissed and I agree and was telling my brother yesterday that not releasing trailers is a bad thing it doesn't piss me off because they usually get leaked anyway but still I think comic con should take notes from video game industry because with E3 it seems like they have been trying to make the show better for the people at home they should do the same with comic con that way you take care of all your fans not just the ones that could come it would be cool if they start to do something like what Sony did with the movie theaters.

USMC431421d ago

I was there last night and I can tell you it was amazing, but every single one of you would've said the same thing I said, "That was cool, but I would never want that to be the ending. It would've felt way too forced. Leaving an ambiguous ending is 100% the right decision."

explicitbaron1421d ago

Naughty Dog doesn't owe people anything. They chose to stream it, if you were not at the live event too bad. The stream was free.

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MrSwankSinatra1422d ago

You see this is the type of crap i can't stand. This happened with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with comic-con behind closed doors gameplay, DOOM's demo at quakecon and now this. If fans can't see any of this then there is no point of announcing this crap. Keep it yourselves a F off.

Parapraxis1422d ago

Waaaah, cry me a river.
I think the FANS who actually attended these events are allowed to see some stuff others can't.
How about you F off.

MrSwankSinatra1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I guess people who don't attend or can't attend these events aren't fans then huh??? You're the last person who should be saying cry me a river when you're crying all over the comment section telling people to grow up over and over, hypocrisy at it's finest. Every single person can't just casually travel all the way to these event's because most people in the world have actual responsibilities. So do I really need some asshat rubbing like geoff keigley and/or bethesda officials rubbing crap like this in my face or anyone else's? No, we don't hence why I said keep it to yourself or F the hell off. It's pretty simple logic, they literally asked for the rage that has ensued.

Mr_Writer851421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I am a huge gaming fan, and a huge batman fan.

However I have this thing, it's called a life outside of gaming. In this life I have work, a house to pay for, I share this house with my wife and our 1 year old boy.

So jetting off to SDCC or any other CC/GC just to watch a teaser is not really on the cards not when you are a grown up and have a grown up life.

Yeah okay fine, they paid so they get to see things first, but why not release it to those fans who can't make it?

Or because I put my wife and child first I am not worthy of being called a fan?

ZombieGamerMan1421d ago

@ Mr_Writer85 because they owe you nothing that's why Mr. GrownUpLife, I love The Last of Us and it's one of my favorite games but I am not upset that Neil did a special live action epilogue to the game that I may never get to see.

I am not owed this nor do I feel like I am entitled to it, also so what if you do have what you call a life. If you have a life than you should have been able to attend no problem but instead you use your family as an excuse to not have been able to go and do something unless you were just scraping by and it that was the case I wouldn't be upset about not seeing some teasers or some bonus thing game makers did. I'd be more concerned with other more important things.

In short just grow the hell up.

XiSasukeUchiha1422d ago

Wow Druckmann, dude this stuff is unacceptable!

LOL_WUT1422d ago

Who cares the game releases tomorrow!! ;)

audiophile1011422d ago

let the bitching and complaining begin!!!!

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